NOVEMBER 23: True masters of the game from the top 4 teams will fight for $170,000 at the Gods of Boom Season 2 Finals in Tallinn, Estonia. One day before that, on November 22, the last Pro Series Europe event will take place to define the last participant in the Finals. Follow these events on Facebook - you certainly don’t want to miss these spectacular shows!

Here’s a rundown of what you need to know about the upcoming action.

The Teams

Gods of Boom Season 2 Finals will feature the top four teams from around the globe. Exceptional players will put their unmatched skills to the ultimate test on the main stage of the HyperTown festival. Meet your heroes!

RedX (ex Impact Gaming, Gods of Boom Cologne winners)

This team from North America is known for incredible determination and amazing plays. Their leader VENOM is the most renowned trophy-kisser in Guns of Boom esports, and he believes the Season 2 trophy will be his to kiss as well. We’ll find out if he’s right soon enough!
Players: Venom, Ariel, Korrupt, Gentricks

Back to Back (winners of Gods of Boom Kick-off)

One of the European favorites in competitive Guns of Boom, Back To Back have an impressive list of events under their belt. They’ve fought in all the major events of Season 1, as well as in the stadium-sized tournaments of Season 2. They’ve got the experience and the skills to make it to the very top!

Players: KM, Nok1a, MIGS, GONZA

Black Bulls (2nd place at Gods of Boom Cologne)


This team from Europe was first created on the fly from a bunch of players from different teams - a match-up that proved to be a winning combination. They dominated the first major Guns of Boom esports event, the EU Invitational, and eventually took the championship title in Season 1. Without a doubt, Season 2 posed a much tougher challenge, yet the guys showed some amazing results throughout 2019, taking second place at most of the offline events. Do they have what it takes to claim the main cup the second time around? We’ll see soon enough!

Players: LORDMANO, Rom1o, XLNC, Jiren

Winner of the last Pro Series

The fourth team for the Finals will be revealed on November 22 after Pro Series Europe. There will be a total of 6 teams competing for a $40,000 prize pool, and the last spot in the Finals. Here’s the list of contenders:

As you can see, 2 of the competing teams have already secured a spot for themselves in the finals. They’ll be competing just for the prize money. If one of them wins the Pro Series Europe tournament on November 22, the tickets to the Season 2 Finals will go to the next team on the list without a guaranteed spot.

Fame & Money

Being the best is awesome in its own way, but having the money to support your awesomeness is even better. Our athletes do a ton of work in order to hone their skills to the highest level, and we believe such determination deserves generous rewards. Here's how we split the prize pools in the last two events of the season.

Gods of Boom Season 2 Finals prize pool:

  • 1st place - $100,000
  • 2nd place - $50,000
  • 3rd place - $15,000
  • 4th place - $5,000

What the best players will get from the Pro Series Europe event the day before:

  • 1st place - $20,000
  • 2nd place - $10,000
  • 3rd & 4th place - $4,000
  • 5th & 6th place - $1,000

Time & Place

Gods of Boom Season 2 Finals will take place on November 23 in Tallinn, on the main stage of the HyperTown festival. HyperTown is a major event for the gaming community in Eastern Europe, that features all the aspects of our favorite hobby, from cosplay and esports, to science and technology workshops and soft-sword fighting. It’s a real fair for everyone who truly enjoys playing, be it casually swiping match-3 games, or sweating hard in a competitive FPS shooter. You can visit the live event by getting tickets to the HyperTown festival, or simply watch it online.

Tap to watch Pro Series Europe

Tap to watch Gods of Boom Season 2 Finals

The Pro Series Europe tournament will happen one day before that, on November 22. This event will not take place in front of a live audience, however, it will still be on the stream for all the fans.

Don’t know when is the start of the tournament in your home city? Here’s a time map for your convenience:

The Talent

The Finals are a big event for us, and we’ve got the best guys describing and analyzing the action on the screen. Meet your chaperones for this tension-filled weekend, who’ll make sure adrenaline levels stay high in your systems!

Matt “MattAndrewsTV” Andrews - a skilled commentator to say the least! He’s been covering esports for a while and has been with Guns of Boom since esports Season 1. Making the right calls at the right time and keeping you glued to the screen - that’s Matt! 

Arseniy “The Stanis” Stanis - packs more puns than a high-tier stand-up comedian, and knows his way around the game. Stanis is the face of Guns of Boom on YouTube, and for a good reason: it’s always a party when he’s around.

Harry “Lethal” Thomas - professional casting at its best. Harry is a skilled and engaging commentator, who has vast experience with Guns of Boom. He’s been around to cast online cups, as well as huge stadium-sizes events. So you can count on his expertise.

Jeff “Ph0rmat” Ramirez - an epic community figure who needs a separate article to cover all his Guns of Boom achievements. Wait, we already have this article - here it is. He’s seen the game from all possible angles (casual play, esports, content creation, streaming, casting and so on), which makes him a truly unique commentator. 

Daniel “FalconeHS” Falcone - another great voice of Guns of Boom. Daniel has worked with competitive tournaments for a while now, and there’s nothing that evades his keen eyes. If there’s a sneaky play going on somewhere on the map, you can count on him to call it out just in time!

How did Season 2 work?

All the registered teams first competed in the Challenger Series. They earned points for victories, and the best of them moved up to the next stage - Pro Series Tournaments. Winning the Pro Series secured a place in the elite Gods of Boom tournament.

Gods of Boom tournaments are offline events held at the world’s largest esports arenas. And here we are - one Pro Series event away from the Finals, and one Gods of Boom clash before the end of Season 2. Don’t miss the games that will be the climax for the best teams out there, as well as for all the fans of competitive pew-pew!

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