Hey Gunslingers, we’re happy you want to host a Guns of Boom tournament on Challengermode! Here’s some key info on what map presets are and how they work.

  • There are currently several map presets. We may add more or change the current ones later on. We’ll keep you informed about such events.
  • Each preset includes several series filled with 7 predefined maps.


  • If you select the Best Of 9 (or more) format for a match, you will first use the 7 predefined maps, and then the system will automatically add additional random maps to the series. Once a match is over and the winner is decided, the map preset moves to the next series and keeps working as usual.
  • In case there are more than 16 teams (and thus over 4 rounds) in a tournament, the map series will get looped for the whole duration of the tournament. For example, if you’re playing a 5-round tournament, in the first four rounds, you’ll use map series 1-4 (from left to right), and in the last round (the finals) you will use the first series of the preset again.
  • If you set up your tournament matches to be played in Best of 1 - Best of 7 formats, the maps from the preset series will progress from highest to lowest on the list. For instance, if you’re playing a Best of 3 match, the first 3 maps of the series will be used. 
  • Each tournament kicks off with the first map of the first series from a chosen preset. After that, the map order is linear and looped. This means you’ll first go through all the map series of a given preset, and then repeat them in the same order.

Example tournament for 32 teams (five rounds) with BO1 for the first two rounds, BO3 for the third round and semi-finals, and BO5 for the final using Balanced map preset into the spoiler.

Tap here

Round of 32
TDM | Skyscrapers

Round of 16
TDM | Military Warehouse

Round of 8
TDM | Old Factory
KOTH | Paradise Island
TDM | Military Warehouse

TDM | Europe: Street
KOTH | Wild West: Saloon
CP | Atrium

Final (using the first map series)
TDM | Skyscrapers
CP | Farming Complex
TDM | Europe: Street
KOTH | Wild West: Saloon
TDM | Construction Site

Below, you can check out the current map presets for your tournaments.

Double Strike

Another type of Challengermode tournament is Double Strike, which is based on everyone’s favorite Double Trouble brawl. It’s a little different from your regular GoB battles, because the teams on each side have only 2 players. These tournaments are held on special maps, here’s the full list.
For more info about the rules of Double Strike check out this article.

Community Presets 

In spring 2021, we held a contest among our Discord users on the best map presets for Challengermode competitions. After several rounds of voting, we managed to pick the 5 winners whose map presets can now be used for creating custom tournaments. Here they are!

If you have further questions on how map presets work or any other tournament features, head over to Discord - the people there will help you out. Good luck in the competitions!

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