Download Guns of Boom PTS: iOS / Android 

Gunslingers, the PTS is once again LIVE! Jump into the action to experience the features we plan to release and help us find the bugs that spoil the fun. It’s time to TEST!

What we’re testing this time:

  • Balance patch for following weapons: Porcupine, Reaper, Joker, Orion, Avalanche, Traitor, Wasp, Odin, Drifter's Crossbow, Iceberg, Jack Frost

If you wish to learn more about PTS, how to join it, and leave constructive feedback, check out the links below:
1) What is PTS and how it works
2) Patch notes on what is being tested in the current version of PTS
3) How to test the game and report bugs 
4) PTS Discord

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