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Register a team, participate in a Challenger Series tournament every weekend and your daring could pay off big time!

1 million viewers watched season one finale

Imagine yourself stepping into the spotlight to compete at the center of all the attention this season.

Stadium eSports events

The electric drama of the Gods of Boom league will play out in huge arenas this year. No other mobile FPS has offline events like this!

The best competitors worldwide

This year, teams from Latin America, Southeast Asia, India and Australia joined competitors from Europe and North America in the Guns of Boom eSports family.

Constellation of cyberathletes

Discover insights, success stories and fun facts about those, who make the gears of eSports turn: the cyberathletes.

Awesome graphics
Unique arenas all around the world!
Move around, strafe, and use cover. Standing still may result in getting stabbed in the back.
Over 50
weapon types
Combine different equipment to dominate other lone psychos like yourself.
Enjoy easy control with autofire!
Are you tired of fighting against everyone by yourself? Join a team and fight together!
Take part in furious firefights where you'll have no time to catch your breath!
Epic win!
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