Brawls are weekend activities in Guns of Boom where you can enjoy some special and fun gameplay, as well as score various rewards. Brawls don't mess up your stats, so they're a great place to hone your skills with weapons and consumables you haven't mastered. Finally, they're a great way to warm up before going into classic battles or jumping into a tournament if that's your thing.

Check out this guide to get all the essential info on the brawls currently in rotation in Guns of Boom!

Table of Content:


Running from a fight doesn’t sound too brave? How about running TO a fight? In this brawl, you regenerate health when not taking damage, so running around and healing yourself is a valid tactic. Just make sure not to step on someone’s grenade or stop in the enemy’s crosshair!


  • Collect orbs from eliminated enemies
  • Players always spawn with two orbs, meaning their Player Threat Score is equal to 2
  • Every orb picked up from an eliminated enemy increases your Team Score by one point
  • Your Player Threat Score increases by one point every time you eliminate an enemy.
    • Example: You eliminate an enemy with a Player Threat Score of 10, they drop 10 orbs, which you pick up immediately, your Team Score is increased by 10, and your Player Threat Score is increased by 1.
  • The higher the Player Threat Score of a gunslinger is, the more orbs they drop
  • The game ends once the time is up or when the Team Score of one of the teams reaches 100 points
  • The player who makes the most eliminations in battle becomes the MVP
  • Health regenerates over time
  • You start with your own weapons, armor, and health.

The fact that eliminations aren’t the main source of points in this mode, makes it a little tricky. Your instincts may tell you sometimes to chase low-health enemies and get those eliminations, but that’s not always the right call.


  • Once you get 10 orbs, you become visible through obstacles for all players across the whole map. Hiding is no longer an option
  • Make sure to protect your orb-bearing teammates, because they’re the prime target for your opponents and are easy to spot
  • Your health regenerates over time, so when you’re hurt – run to safety. This will give you some time to breathe, get your HP back and think about your next move


The ultimate pastime that packs a ton of BOOM! Dynamic gameplay, a unique weapon, and the endless rain of bullets zipping through the air! The rules are pretty simple: you get a devastating gun that spits grenades whenever you score 2 eliminations in a row.


  • Machine guns only
  • You start off with one of the five brawl machine guns: Matador, Annihilator, Hero, Zeus, or Jack Frost
  • Everyone starts with the same 4 perks, all of them maxed to level 14: Tank, Unbreakable, Regroup, and Helping Hand
  • All gunslingers start with the Shell vest, Mustang pants (level 5), Scorpion helmet (level 5), and some Stim-Guns (with special brawl stats)
  • For every 2 eliminations, you get the Vulcan grenade launcher!

This brawl features a unique weapon, which you can’t encounter anywhere else in the game, so most of the tips concern it – the Vulcan grenade launcher.


  • Once you get the Vulcan, don’t be in a hurry to fire it off in all directions – the ammo’s limited. Make every shot count by attacking close-packed groups of enemies
  • You may not be the only one with the Vulcan. Other players might have the grenade launcher as well, so don’t go into a berserk mode when you get it
  • Machine guns can fire at pretty long ranges. Keep your distance at all times, and you’ll be able to eliminate enemies with the Vulcan with no hassle
  • Want to survive better than everyone else? Use the Shell vest that reduces incoming damage from the Vulcan’s grenades! Learn more about vests here


Locate and capture the ever-moving Zone to score points. The fights are super dynamic and have an "on the move" feel, because the Zone is constantly changing position. You won't be able to wait this one out in the safe place with a sniper rifle!


  • This brawl is played in 4 vs. 4 format
  • The team holding the Zone gains points
  • The Zone changes its location every once in a while and becomes neutral
  • After that, players from both teams need to regroup and capture the Zone in its new area
  • The team that reaches 2000 points first or scores the most points during the time limit wins
  • Players get brawl consumables and do not spend any of their own


  • If you're all alone and see at least several enemies headed for the neutral Zone, don't go head-to-head with them. You're quite likely to lose, not capture the Zone, and leave your team one fighter short. Not cool. 
  • Whenever an enemy player tries to capture the Zone single-handedly, don't scare them off too early and give them a chance to be out of position. They probably won't achieve heck, but they will be bleeding players and postponing their regroup. Wiping the whole team may be beautiful, but eliminating one player every 20-30 seconds is much more effective victory-wise. It diminishes morale and makes coordinated attacks quite impossible
  • If the enemies took control of the Zone, it's a call to regroup, not to attack.  


Being a good gunslinger is not only about brute force but also skill and precision, now even more than before, since we made quite a few substantial changes to the brawl! Show the world what a fantastic sharpshooter you are — a little sniper party never hurt nobody! ...Or did it?


  • This brawl is played in Team Deathmatch mode 4 vs. 4
  • Upon spawning, you get 1 random sniper rifle:
    • SCOUT
    • OROCHI
  • New mechanics available: SIGHTING. Three Perfect Aims in a row increase the damage of subsequent Perfect Aims by 25% for 10 seconds; body shots cancel the effect, but missed shots don’t
  • New mechanics available: FATAL SHOT. An enemy eliminated by a headshot creates an area of damage around him that inflicts fatal damage on enemies who come near
  • INFRAVISION spheres spawn on the map in two places. Each sphere is equal to the power of the E.Y.E. helmet at Grade 3, and gives 6 seconds of infravision
  • Body shots do 50% less damage than Perfect Aims
  • Only sniper-friendly maps are in rotation
  • Players get brawl consumables and do not spend any of their own


  • Aim well! Don't expect to deal tons of damage by shooting at people's feet. You'll need to land your Perfect Aims to reach the MVP screen.
  • Do you know what snipers are afraid of most? Knives. These silent and deadly weapons can be extremely useful against campers, especially if you know the maps well.
  • Don't get too comfy in one place. It's a good idea to switch your sniping positions every once in a while. After all, if you continuously eliminate the same opponent from the same spot over and over again, chances are, he'll find a way to flank you. He might even do so with a blade in his hands.
  • Watch the watchers! If you see a reckless gunslinger running through the open areas of the map, chances are - others see him too. And you know what they're thinking: gotta snipe that noob before anyone else does. So instead of sniping the poor bloke in the open, start sniping the elimination-hungry enemies who'll be anxiously moving to more comfortable and usually less safe positions.


A brawl with very flexible gameplay - the tide of battle can change at any moment! Collect power-ups that make you more efficient, and score points by eliminating the opponents.


  • There are certain places on the map where power-ups spawn
  • There are four types of power-ups: ammo, speed, defense, and damage
  • Power-ups effects last for a limited time
  • You can collect several power-ups in a row and stack their effects
  • The central point of the map spawns a random power-up, so if you saw a Double Damage bonus appear there once, it doesn’t mean you’ll see it next time
  • Players get brawl consumables and do not spend any of their own


  • Speed: lasts 8 seconds and increases movement speed by 20%
  • Double Damage: lasts 16 seconds and doubles your output damage
  • Defense: lasts 16 seconds, reduces incoming damage by 50% and recovers 5% of your armor every 0,5 seconds
  • Ammunition: refills 50% of ammo in all current loadout weapons.

Power-ups add a lot of tension to the gameplay and a lot of timing-related tactics. Here’s what you should keep in mind when going into Power Play.


  • The Double Damage bonus is everyone’s favorite, so you can expect heated fights around it, which can be a source of eliminations, wink-wink
  • It’s common for gunslingers with Double Damage to go rushing, trying to get up close to the opponents, however, your damage is doubled on all weapons including sniper rifles – think about it
  • The Defense power-up does not protect against knives – if you’re a skilled melee fighter, you can deal some serious damage even to a gunslinger with extra protection
  • If you pick up the same power-up several times, its effect will be prolonged – so moving smart can allow you to maintain the desired state for a while


Find a weapon on the map, find some consumables, and start eliminating left and right. High-octane Free For All fun with some luck and a lot of timing involved. It’s tense, but the experience is totally worth it.


  • Free For All mode with only 6 players to a match
  • Everyone has the same amount of health and armor (like in Pro Play)
  • All players start with a pistol and a knife, other weapons and consumables spawn on the map in different places
  • All weapons are capped at level 22 (like in ProPlay)
  • You can pick up all four primary weapon types in this brawl: a new weapon of the same type will simply replace the old one
  • The winner is the first player to reach 21 Eliminations or the player with the top score when the match timer runs out (6 minutes)


  • Know the maps and the spawn points of weapons/consumables. This will give you a huge advantage. Downside – you need to play a couple of rounds to learn all the placements. 
  • Shotguns and ARs usually spawn on lower ground, while sniper rifles and machine guns – on high ground. So if you’re a close-combat fighter, try not to climb too high up.
  • If an enemy you eliminate has a primary weapon, they’ll drop it — this is another way of gearing up in the middle of the fight, without having to go through gun spawn points
  • Be careful with machine guns – once you pick one up, you’ll be unable to run
  • Try and stand your ground when you come face to face with an opponent – you never know, they might be unskilled with the gun they’re currently carrying


This activity is played in Pro Play mode, which is usually used in esports matches to give the players completely equal footing, eliminating any possible balance inequality due to different level or arsenal unlocks. The brawl allows you to experience the rush, the fun, and the pressure of competitive gaming to their fullest. It’s all about skill and practice, so start training ASAP! 


  • Everyone fights in Pro Play mode
  • Aim Assist is off for all gunslingers
  • Respawn timers get longer if you're eliminated often
  • In each battle you get one of the six sets of weapons (two for each specialization) that are used in Clash Beta tournaments.
  • All players fight with 2000 health points and 1800 armor
  • Your consumables aren't spent in these fights


  • Don't rush forward. Most of the times, people are eliminated not because they shoot poorly or don't know how to throw grenades, but because they're out of position. A simple tip for beginners: make sure you see at least 2 of your teammates IN FRONT of you.
  • Sniper up! Of course, playing with sniper rifles is not as heart-pumping as wielding a shotgun in face-to-face confrontations. Yet, many snipers live to see their grandchildren. It's a safer occupation on the battlefield, and it requires less reaction and more concentration.
  • Guns of Boom esports is all about teamwork. Hero plays are fun to watch, and they get a ton of likes on YouTube, but it's the consistency of your mutual support that wins the fight at the end of the day. If one of your mates goes straight into the enemies, don't waste your life by trying to stand next to him. Take position behind cover and try to deal as much damage as possible.
  • Don't chase enemies to get the sweet elimination points. 9 out of 10 times, you'll just catch a sniper bullet between the ears as soon as you cross the invisible frontline. Remember - the fact that you've dealt damage is sometimes good enough, even if you didn't send anyone to the spawn room. First of all, damaged players don't get too cocky. Second, they spend their precious consumables to heal up. Third, they run behind their teammates, making them take a step back as well. Why is this good? Your bros can heal up, reload and regroup, which is often enough to get the upper hand in the next clash. 



All the guns in the game are awesome in their own way, yet there are some weapons that simply shape the game’s high-level and esports meta. You can get your hands on all of these in the Top Gun brawl! Try out the most powerful and vicious weapons in Guns of Boom and find a favorite.


  • Team Deathmatch 4 vs. 4
  • Upon spawning, you get 2 random high-tier guns; a top Assault Rifle and a primary weapon for your specialization
  • Your loadouts will include the following sets of perks, depending on the spec
  • Assault: Armor Thief, Piercing Rounds, Battle Surgeon, Second Wind
  • Sniper: Another Shot, Trophy Hunter, High Ground, Berserk
  • Support: Tank, Helping Hand, Unbreakable, Patchwork
  • You’ll never get a sniper rifle and machine gun combo
  • Each specialization gets a certain set of equipment


  • Helmet: Mirage

  • Vest: Zero

  • Pants: Cheetah


  • Helmet: E.Y.E.

  • Vest: Kevlar

  • Pants: Mustang


  • Helmet: Bulwark

  • Vest: Ifrit

  • Pants: Cowboy

  • Upon spawning, you also get 2 brawl grenades and 5 brawl medkits
  • Everyone gets equal armor and health


  • In this brawl a variety of weapons are equally powerful, putting everyone on equal footing and making your actual abilities the cornerstone of success. So it’s time to put interpersonal skills and previous fighting experience to good use because shooting expertise and teamwork are gold!

  • This is your exclusive opportunity to really get to know different guns. If you’ve ever wanted to try out Porcupine, Odin, or any other kind of high-tier gun, you can’t miss this brawl. Otherwise, how will you know which guns work best for you?


One of the first brawls ever, and one of the most exciting ones as well! Fast, tense, and amazingly fun, Arms Race allows you to prove your skills by using different weapon types and methodically eliminating your enemies.


  • Free For All game mode
  • The first one to score 21 eliminations wins
  • Everyone starts with Suppressor
  • Once you score 2 eliminations with it, you get the next gun
  • There’s a total of 11 guns in the brawl, and eliminating opponents will require more and more skill as you advance
  • You get Brawl Medkits every time you spawn, you don’t get any offensive consumables


  • Starting gun – SUPPRESSOR
  • 2 eliminations – EXORCIST
  • 4 eliminations – STORMBRINGER
  • 6 eliminations – THE CHOPPER
  • 8 eliminations – HERO
  • 10 eliminations – TRAITOR
  • 12 eliminations – SCATTERSHOT
  • 14 eliminations – BRAWLER
  • 16 eliminations – HURRICANE
  • 18 eliminations – THANATOS
  • 20 eliminations – LEGEND

This brawl is dynamic, to say the least! You don’t have a team to play around, you don’t even have the same weapons to fight with. So here’s what we think is the best way to handle the Arms Race. 


  • Get ready to adapt on the fly: your weapons will change, and so should your tactics. Fighting with a machine gun and with a sniper rifle are two completely different things.
  • Know your map well! That way, you can find the safest spots and make sneaky ambushes for the enemies.
  • When you see several people fighting, it’s not always polite to interrupt. More often than not, you can wait for a winner to emerge and finish him off. Of course, if you’re sure you can finish off both gunslingers, you should go for it!



Capturing the Energy Cube and holding it - what can be simpler, right? Wrong! The Interception brawl is a great example of how a simple mechanic can quickly turn into a high-tension tug of war battle, the outcome of which is unclear until the last second!


  • Everyone has their own health, armor, and weapons
  • Energy Cube appear in the center of the map
  • The team that captures the Energy Cube starts gaining points
  • Team with most points till the end of the match wins
  • Players get brawl consumables and do not spend any of their own


  • Capturing the Energy Cube super early is tempting, but not always a good idea, especially if you're going in alone. Try to move as a unit, together with your allies - this hugely increases your chances of winning team fights.
  • Whenever an enemy player tries to capture the Energy Cube solo, don't hurry to eliminate them right away. Your objective is to make enemy spawns out of sync, so that every time an enemy goes into battle, they're all alone in the spawn room and have to wait a few seconds for their teammate to spawn.
  • If the enemies took control of the Energy Cube, it's a call to regroup, not to attack.


In this brawl, your whole team has only 21 lives for the duration of a match. Your objective is to save as many lives as you can while depleting your opponents’ supply of lives.


  • Each team has 25 lives in total
  • Each time a player is eliminated, their team loses one life
  • The team with more lives at the end wins
  • Everyone plays with their own weapons and equipment
  • Health regenerates at a rate of 20% from base HP level every 2 seconds when a player has been out of the battle for 2 consecutive seconds
  • Players get brawl consumables and do not spend any of their own


  • Try to stay close to your teammates at all times and never wander off alone
  • Create ambushes, and don't rush the enemy even if you feel the power pulsing through you
  • Once you eliminate someone, retreat a little and make sure everyone's healed up


Team Deathmatch is too predictable, and Free For All is too hectic? We’ve got the perfect thing for you - Two Fronts! It’s a brawl where not two, but three teams compete for domination. It’s an exotic mix of tactics, unpredictability, and fast-changing frontlines.


  • 3 teams, 3 players on each team, Team Deathmatch mode
  • Eliminate opponents on any enemy team to score points
  • The first team to reach 500 points wins
  • Map pool: Asia: Palace of Shadows, Farming Complex, and Wild West Railroad
  • Every time a player spawns, they get a Shock Mine and 5 Med Kits, for each 2 eliminations, they get another Shock Mine


  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s better to hunt single enemies as a pack of three, instead of playing as a lone wolf yourself
  • Specializations rock! Diversify your roles on the team if possible. Three snipers (or any other of the same spec) will usually have a tough time battling a well-rounded team.
  • Play dirty. There’s no shame in stealing points. Let your fighting enemies do half the job of eliminating each other, and then just make the final shots to claim the points. It’s pretty unethical but highly effective.


A brawl for everyone who does their eliminating single-handedly: only pistols and poisoned throwing knives are allowed on the battlefield. Give it a try, and experience the rush of Wild West!


  • Only brawl pistols and poisoned throwing knives are given to players
  • Poisoned knives deal damage and slow down enemies
  • The only consumable used in the brawl is antidote which heals and cures poisoning
  • Everyone has the same amount of health (2400) and armor (1100)
  • Each participant gets Kevlar (lvl 7), Panther (lvl 0), Tsunami (lvl 0), and Slayer (lvl 0)


  • Eliminating an enemy with a poisoned knife gives you two more poisoned knives
  • Every elimination gets you one antidote
  • Aim for the head
  • Start off with a knife – your enemy will begin losing health, and you’ll have a better chance at shooting them down


In Act 2 Season 3, you can participate in the special kind of Gunslinger brawl. By eliminating three opponents without losing a single life, the player will turn into a Hero, and two new guns from the Corp Wars event will be added to his loadout: a shotgun and a pistol, which, when used together, make each other stronger! Don't miss the chance to try new weapons in action – take part in the brawl! 

Here are the rules of the special Gunslinger brawl:

  • Fights 4 on 4 with pistols only (no knives this time!); everyone has the same amount of health and armor.
  • By eliminating 3 opponents without losing life, the player turns into a HERO after the next respawn.
  • HERO is armed with a new shotgun and a pistol that reinforce each other; the player becomes faster and has more armor and health.
  • Brawls do not affect your stats, so get crazy on the battlefield without worrying about numbers!


Are you ready to make some noise?! Then let’s rock! Pop off those G-Launchers, clear whole rooms of people in one fell swoop, and get more G-Launchers to eliminate more people! It’s like a never-ending boom fest!


  • Team Deathmatch 4 vs. 4
  • Upon spawning, you get 2 Brawl G-Launchers and one charge of Paracelsus that regenerates health and armor as well as protects you from explosive damage
  • Every time you eliminate someone with a G-Launcher, you get 2 G-Launchers
  • Every time you eliminate someone with any weapon, you get one charge of Paracelsus


  • When you activate the Paracelsus helmet in the brawl, you get invulnerable to rockets for about 2-3 seconds, but not for guns. You'll also restore health and armor for around 5 seconds. 
  • Paracelsus in the brawl is way more powerful than it is in regular games, use it wisely.
  • G-Launchers are badass, but they're not nukes that wipe off the whole map. Keeping your distance and waiting for others to start fighting is always a good tactic. A well-placed rocket can take out several weak opponents who are reloading, healing, or doing whatever.
  • If you've been lucky enough to make a single-shot Triple Elimination, don't count on your opponents' bad short-term memory: they will come back for you full of vengeance and holding all kinds of grudges. If you made a clean shot onto several enemies and got yourself some G-Launchers, farm a new Paracelsus charge too - it'll come in handy sooner than you think.


One less, more for the rest. Double Trouble is a new type of brawl that features two-on-two fights. Pair up with a solid sidekick and start wreaking havoc on the battlefield — the more scarce the targets, the more interesting the fights.


  • This brawl is played in 2 vs. 2 format on special maps
  • One match is divided into 3-5 short rounds, 60 seconds each with 10 second breaks.
  • Your objective is to eliminate the enemy team or capture the zone within the allotted time.
  • The zone appears on the map 20 seconds before the end of the round.
  • You start with your own HP, armor and weapons.
  • The team who has an advantage of 2 wins, wins the brawl.


  • This one is a truly unforgiving brawl. Be very cautious and try to stay close to your teammate — only solid teamwork will guarantee victory!
  • Watch the time closely. If the round is coming to an end, and the opposing team is still alive and kicking, it’s time to change tactics and go capture that zone.


This brawl is a tough and brutal sports game – two teams try and score the most points during a 5-minute match by taking the ball to the enemy score zone. It’s intense, high-injury, and top-tier fun.


  • Two teams, 4 players on each one
  • Every team gets a special uniform – like in real life
  • Players try to take control of the ball and bring it to the enemy score zone to score a point for their team
  • If a player carrying the ball is eliminated, they drop the ball
  • The dropped ball can be picked up by players on both teams
  • If the ball is not picked up in 30 seconds, it gets reset to the center of the map
  • After a goal is scored, it takes 7 seconds for the ball to spawn again in the center of the map
  • Everyone gets the same brawl loadout (see below for details)
  • The team that scores the most points during the 5-minute time limit wins!
  • If both teams score the same number of points, a draw is called
  • If a team scores 10 points, the match ends instantly


  • ProPlay rules apply to all gear and consumables
  • No helmet
  • Hardshell Vest
  • Panther pants
  • Brawler shotgun
  • Odin assault rifle
  • Damascus knife
  • Oppressor pistol


  • When you pick up the ball, try and take it to the enemy base. If your teammate picks up the ball, do whatever you can to protect them as they advance into the enemy score zone.
  • Eliminations don’t count towards the final score, only goals do. So set your priorities straight, and try to bring the ball into the enemy base rather than trying to maximize your K/D.
  • Gang up on enemy ball carriers and don’t let them run around freely. The map has several side-passages, so if you see that the ball carrier suddenly disappeared from your firing line, look around - you might be getting flanked. 


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