To make Guns of Boom updates more polished, we’ve added a Public Test Server, where all the new features and mechanics get tested before being released for the main game. For general info on PTS and how it works - check out this link.

This changelog has the info on all the changes we want you to test in the current version of PTS, so make sure to check it out before heading into the test grounds, so you know what to keep an eye on. 

Join the PTS - This time, we’re testing a new mode - 1v1 Duels! This is the ultimate head-to-head testing ground where you can finally decide who’s got the sharpest aim and the best moves. Test the new stuff, and head over to our Discord to discuss all your experiences! 

Version 28.0.54(iOS)/28.0.61 (Android) - December 27

Weapon archetypes. We’re trying to make weapons more intuitive and predictable depending on their type, thus making some adjustments to all 4 primary gun types. From now on, distance does not affect damage, while recoil and bullet spread play a more important role in landing shots and thus dealing damage - this applies to all weapons. However, there are specific changes that happened to certain weapon types.

  • Machine guns. From now on, they don’t need time to focus, but the crosshair expands as you fire. The crosshair is now a diagonal cross instead of a classic one. You can now run with machine guns and use aimed fire mode.

Developer commentary: Machine guns don’t get a lot of action these days, so these changes are aimed at making them the deadly long-range support weapons they should be. Make sure to check them out - they feel completely different!

  • Shotguns. The crosshair is now a circle instead of a cross, the spread has been increased, damage from each pellet has been reduced, the number of pellets has been increased. All shotguns now have the aimed fire mode.

Developer commentary: Shotgun damage will vary depending on how many pellets hit the target, and the closer you are to the enemy, the more chance you have to land them all for maximum efficiency. New crosshair and aiming features should help predict the pellet spread in battle.

  • Assault rifles. We’ve added the aimed fire mode for four guns that did not have it: Guillotine, Mamba, Vampire, and Lifestealer.

Developer commentary: Almost all ARs had the aimed fire mode except these 4, so we decided to give all ARs this feature. We’ll leave the hip-fire-only mode for something like a cannon.

  • Sniper rifles. From now on, they don’t do critical damage in hip-fire mode (unscoped).

Developer commentary: Sniper rifles are long-range weapons, and they truly shine in scoped mode only. It’s not often that snipers use hip-fire mode, but we still decided to limit critical damage in this fire mode.

  • We’ve added 14 universal perks for all specs which we already tested on PTS some time ago. Thanks to your extensive feedback, the Trophy Hunter has been nerfed - now you can finish off people with the knife only from the back.
  • Flashbangs. You can now avoid getting blinded by looking away from the flashbang when it goes off.
  • Arsenal specs. We’re making the specifications of weapons more straightforward and easy-to-read: Power is now called Damage, and it shows the amount of HP the enemy will lose from a single hit, while Accuracy gets replaced with Rounds Per Minute that shows the weapon’s rate of fire. 

IMPORTANT: Some weapons like the Fortuna machine gun have special abilities that increase their base damage, so their stats in the arsenal should be considered as basic values, not final ones. 

Version 28.0.53(iOS)/28.0.58 (Android) - December 13

Duels. A new game mode, perfect for duking it out with another gunslinger and finally seeing who’s got the skills, and who needs to practice some more. It features a bunch of special compact maps where you’ll simply need to go head-to-head. The game continues until one of the gunslingers scores 5 eliminations or the 5-minute timer runs out.

Version 27.1.52(iOS)/27.1.57 (Android) - November 24

  • We’re adding Drifter’s Crossbow to PTS – its stats are identical to Daryl’s Crossbow from The Walking Dead season. The differences are strictly cosmetic.
  • During the test, Drifter’s Crossbow will be available to all PTS players.
  • Once the test is over, Drifter’s Crossbow will be added to Guns of Boom, where it’ll replace Daryl’s Crossbow in the Arsenal.
  • Daryl’s Crossbow will become an exotic weapon skin.
  • If you had previously assembled Daryl’s Crossbow, you’ll get both the Drifter’s Crossbow and the exotic Daryl’s skin for it.
  • We will post more info on how to get the new crossbow and upgrade it closer to its official release in the main game.

Some changes also happened in the limitations of loadouts/specializations.

  • You can now use any equipment with any loadout in any specialization. 
  • Start looking for the perfect loadout combo right now, and have the upper hand when this feature comes to the main game in update 27.1

Version 27.0.51(iOS)/27.0.56 (Android) - November 1

  • Classic voiceover. Bring the sound of classic Guns of Boom back at a flip of a switch - check the voiceover option in the settings. Choose your favorite one and make it your primary, or switch between the options to get the best of two worlds!
  • Group codes. Now, you can simply send a special invite code to any gunslinger in the world, and in seconds, they’ll be able to join your group. You can send your code via any messenger, in a text message, or even post it on social media and wait for your group to fill up.  
  • Aim-assist. We’ve improved the aiming mechanic and target selection mechanism for the aim-assist feature. From now on, you should start damaging the right opponents, when there are several available targets in the vicinity. 

Version 26.1.50 (iOS) / 27.0.55 (Android) – October 23

  • Increased firing distance: for sniper rifles by 10%, for assault rifles and machine guns by 25%. Wasp and Survivor are the only exceptions – their maximum firing range did not change.
  • Damage fall-off based on the distance to the target. The farther you are, the less “ouch” you cause your enemies.
  • Assault rifles start doing less damage at 75% of the maximum range
  • Sniper rifles start doing less damage at 75% of the maximum range
  • Shotguns and SMGs (Wasp and Survivor) start doing less damage at 25-33% of the maximum range
  • Machine guns start doing less damage at 66% of the maximum range

  • Shotgun changes. As you know, each shotgun shell contains many heavy pellets, which fly all over the place when you pull the trigger. We’ve increased the number of pellets in each shell, and also increased scattering. Damage from each pellet has been decreased.
  • Alternate fire. Machine guns and shotguns now have alternate fire modes. To activate them, press the “aim” button.
  • Easy-to-carry machine guns. Now, you can run with machine guns! Not as fast as you would with an AR or a shotgun, but still fast. Thanks to that, machine guns feel less clunky and more versatile in battles. Like beefed-up assault rifles!
  • Base damage for shotguns and machine guns increased. Now, you have more viable battle options when it comes to choosing your loadout.
  • The accuracy of non-scoped shots from sniper rifles is greatly decreased. Sniper rifles are designed to be used with a scope, not as deadly hip-fire rail guns.
  • We’ve reworked a total of 16 guns so far. Test them out on PTS and get ready for more additions in the future!
  • New perks. Perks used to be specialization-specific, but that is a thing of the past! Now, you have access to a total of 14 universal perks which you can use with any spec. This is not the final version of our perk overhaul - we’ll be adding new ones in the future!
  • Equipment limitations. We’ve removed any equipment restrictions in loadouts. So, you can use all your favorite items regardless of your specialization.

Version 26.1.54 (Android) / 26.1.49 (iOS) – October 8

On October 8-12 we’ll hold the fifth PTS and here’s the stuff we want to test:

  • Tournament arsenal. Below you’ll find a list of new items added to the competitive arsenal. All these goodies can be used in tournaments, so make full use of their advantages to dominate the Challengermode competitions!

    • Assault rifles

      • Bastion, grade 1

      • WASP, grade 0

      • Survivor, grade 0

    • Shotguns:

      • Reaper, special grade

      • Joker, special grade

      • Bear Trap, special grade

      • Exorcist, grade 2

    • Sniper rifles:

      • Last Breath, grade 0

      • Stormbringer, grade 1

    • Machine guns:

      • Hero, grade 0

      • Zeus, grade 0

    • Vests:

      • Antidote, grade 11

    • Helmets:

      • Paracelsus, grade 3

      • Scorpion, grade 3

      • Bulwark, grade 3

      • Colossus, grade 3

    • Pants:

      • Reanimator, grade 3

      • Wombat, grade 3

  • Pro Play arsenal. Now, the game mode for pros offers all the items available in tournaments. That way you can practice your competitive tactics at any time. E-Z!

  • Scorpion fix: the Adrenaline perk now slowly loses effectiveness after each elimination.

Version 26.1 Battle Royale – September 24 

  • Battle Royale. This new game mode features a huge new map, where several teams of 2 players compete against one another until only one team (or person) is left standing.

    1. Fights take place on a map, which at first is free to roam. With time, an ever-shrinking zone will appear, driving players to fight inside it.

    2. Being outside of the zone will cause players to rapidly lose health.

    3. You can go into battle solo (that way, the game will find a teammate for you among other solo players) or in a 2-person party with your friend. Groups containing more than 2 players will not be allowed to play this mode. 

    4. Items you can find on the map include weapons of 3 different types (Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Shotguns), consumables, and boosters.

    5. There are 3 boosters in this game mode: Red ones increase your damage by 10% each (up to 50% max), Yellow ones restore armor and can even temporarily exceed your armor cap, and Green ones increase your health point capacity (up to 40% max).

    6. Enemy players are not highlighted - only your teammate is.

    7. Players can use ziplines to travel around the map - those are special cableways which you can activate by standing next to them.

    8. Teams start the map in random locations with pistols only, no armor or consumables.

    9. Players can pick up up to 3 primary weapons (one of each type), one type of offensive consumables, and one type of defensive consumables.

    10. Each player has only one life - no respawns.

    11. Players can be Knocked Down. Knocked-down gunslingers are marked with a purple cocoon. They cannot move, shoot, use consumables, or be healed. Yet they can be revived by their teammate to full potential.

    12. To revive a teammate, walk up to them, and press the Revive button. 

    13. Knocked-down players receive less damage from all weapon types, except knives, and they stop being auto-aim targets.

    14. Knocked-down players slowly lose health points until they are finally eliminated, so teammates should hurry to revive them.

    15. If a knocked-down player loses all health and is eliminated, they can no longer be revived.

    16. Eliminated players drop a purple booster, which restores 20% of health, armor, and max ammo to any player.

    17. Eliminated players also drop one of the primary weapons they had on them.

    18. The team (or the player) standing last wins.

  • PTS is finally released on iOS. We invite all gunslingers using iPhones and iPads to join the testing and help us make the game better!

Version 26.1.0 – September 15 

  • Voiceover options. Choose a style you like in the settings and enjoy the announcer’s comments like it’s 2018 or 2020 – either option is available. We’ve also removed a few lines from the old voiceover to make it friendlier. 

  • New mode: Counter Assault. This one’s sure to peak your interest: capture all 5 control points on the map by advancing from the first one at your base to the last one at the enemy base. All 5 points are in a straight line, so you always move from one point to the other (1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 ->  5) and not randomly between them. If no team can capture all 5 points, the victory goes to the team which scores the most points during the allotted map time.  

  • Undying: we’ve reworked this helmet to make it more balanced. From now on, players using its active ability will not become invincible - instead, the helmet will reduce all incoming damage for 2 seconds, with the exception of knife damage.

Version 25.1.41 – July 29  

Balance changes


  • Damage boost from HP decreased to 50%

  • Base damage decreased by 21%

  • Increased recoil


  • Headshot damage decreased to 10% and does not increase through leveling up the helmet

  • Wearer is visible to enemies for 3 seconds after activating the helmet’s ability


  • Base damage increased by 5%

  • Headshot damage multiplier decreased by 30%


  • New visual effects


  • Added a delay for the flashbang

  • Added needed visual effects

More changes

  • The weapon switch button can now be placed anywhere you like on the screen - convenience is key when it comes to fast-paced battles.
  • Further polishing of character animations, including fixing the right shoulder peeking issue.
  • All gunslingers on PTS now have level 36, 10 000 Gunbucks, and 100 Gold. Also, the set of basic cosmetics now includes emotes.
  • Made some UI improvements.

Version 25.0.38 – June 23  

  • Updated all male and female character animations
  • The differences in positioning of male and female characters have been reduced – now they behave exactly the same in the identical situations, including hiding behind cover. Shoulder peeking now works the same for all characters

  • Characters now hold guns differently depending on weapon type
  • Fixed the color logic of consumables and battle effects. For instance, health regenerating items are now all colored green

During testing, you may encounter different issues and bugs, not just the ones related to the current version. Don’t hesitate to report them – the more problems we detect and solve on PTS, the better the game experience will be for millions of Guns of Boom players. Don’t know how to report bugs properly? We’ve got a whole guide about it!

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