Last week the top teams of their regions met online in a fight for tournament points and prize money. BTW, the teams that get the highest scores in the qualifiers, move up to Pro Series! 

Let’s take a detailed look at each region. 

Southeast Asia 

Like usual, we start with SEA. We’ve got an interesting situation here: IND_WOLVES and CycloneGG are dominating the semi-finals with the 2:0 scores. Team UNKILLED is hot on their heels, proving once again that they deserve the fans’ attention by getting the upper hand against -XAVIERS-, 3:0. If we look at individual performance, GUNRAG SINGH is still in the high-score lead for SEA - 1808 on the scoreboard with Boxer breathing down his neck with 1758 points. The finals were between IND_WOLVES and CycloneGG, and the first team had a decisive victory - 3:0. MVP of the day - SKILLED from IND_WOLVES team with the score 332!


Things are turbulent in EU. Team LAZARUS has been defeated by Knights of Honor [JUGG] with a 2:0 score. The first game was dominated by Djani (207 points and 13 eliminations), while Rom1o was MVP of the second game and the whole day with 286 points and 14 eliminations. Despite great individual plays by XLNC (first game MVP, 241 points) and John Wick (second game MVP, 176 score), team LAZARUS could not handle Back to Back's skill and lost with a 2:0 score

The match between EDGE Infinity eSports and Back to Back was an interesting one as well. In the first game, KM showed his best (127 points), but MVP went to Hail (152 points). The second game was dominated by Nok1a (180 points) and Ak_Krasilnikov (MVP, 237 points). 2:0 in favor of EDGE Infinity eSports.

In the final battle, EDGE Infinity eSports managed to take the first game from Knights of Honor [JUGG], despite NOTORIOUS being MVP with 238 points and 11 eliminations. The rest of the games go in favor of Knights of Honor [JUGG], with Djani (180 points, 9 eliminations) and T-MAC (229 points, 11 eliminations) consecutively make MVPs by achieving double and triple eliminations that decide the fate of the matches. 

North America

Once again, Impact Gaming have easily claimed their victory in North America, this time overpowering team Broken. After that, we saw EANIX take on EPIC with a 2:1 score. In a fight for third place, EPIC won a game against Broken at 3:0. The main shocker came in the finals: Impact Gaming was defeated by team Eanix with a whopping 3:0! It could be that it’s the result of swapping OPTIMUS for DIVINE KING.

Main Noob is the high-score leader of the region with 1872 points under his belt and an astounding KDA of 3.0! This is the highest figure among all the teams that reached the finals and matches for the 3 place! DIVINE KING takes the second spot in the NA top-players rating with 1606 points, JMaster is in third place with 1602. Good team play, and great results.

Latin America

Our weekly recap ends with the LATAM region. Unfortunately, La Familia did not make it to the finals, however, in the match for the third place they did take a 3:0 win from SHARKS BR. BrazuKas are still the undisputed leaders in the region.
Jon Snow showed some impressive individual results this week - 1558 points and a KDA of 2.49. The only player with better stats is Panda from BrazuKaz - he’s got a 2.82 KDA!

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