Just a few Cups left in the Summer Challengers. The stakes are getting higher and every victory counts. Who has the best chance to get to Pro Series Germany at the moment? Let’s take a look at the last week’s tournament.

Southeast Asia

It is a tradition around here to first direct your gaze towards the East. Southeast. And we start with some unexpected turbulence. One of the strongest teams in the region IND_WOLVES did not make it into the semi-finals. For the first time since Spring Challengers, we see team PRESTIGIOUS making it’s way up after defeating IND_WOLVES in the Round of 16. In a surprising turn of events, they win against UNKILLED and move up to the finals. There they clash against CycloneGG  – who absolutely dominated the -XAVIERS- in the semi-finals. CycloneGG did not budge in the Finals winning 3:0, but Prestigious gave them a tough fight with Moriarty stacking up the highest score of the week: 1822 points. Though the MVP status still goes to Gunner from CycloneGG with a KDA of 2,87.


In the European region third week in a row, we can see the rise of Knights of Honor. We can see this team in the Finals once again, winning over Lazarus. Lazarus did not have a very good week, losing the match for the third place to EDGE Infinity eSports 0:3.  Maybe the sudden change in due to still adjusting to playing with John Wick instead of Divine King. We wouldn’t underestimate them though, it’s very possible that Lazarus will stay true to their name and rise again. After all, Rom1o still managed to get the most points this week - 1720. 
We move on to the MVP of the week – no surprises here. KM is once again taking the spot, being the MVP of the week and all of the Summer Challengers at the moment. He and his team Back to Back have a strong lead in the region. Can Knights of Honor challenge their dominance? We’ll have to see.

North America

North American region starts with Impact Gaming just destroying Broken in almost record time. Then Eanix winning the fight against EPIC 2:0. In the fight for the third match, EPIC wins 3:0, with their teammate Main Noob getting the MVP status of the week. But what the score can not show in a formidable attempt by Ph0rmat from team Broken this week, scoring more than 300 points in one match desperately trying to turn the game, but not finding the support from his teammates. That’s a lesson on teamwork for everyone. 

And speaking on finals - what else can be said about Impact Gaming? At this point, with two Pro Series trophies and an impeccable challenger history, who can even challenge them? You can see them fight against the strongest teams of the Season 2 this weekend at Gods of Boom ESL ONE Cologne

Latin America

And we close our recap as usual with the LATAM region. One turbulent team changed its name from Duck’s to La Familia and still got to the Finals, once again dominating a previously strong contender ZETA ESPORTS in the semi-finals, with 2 of their players getting the MVP status this week BLACK and K-Mayer showing great games. In the place for the third match SHARKS BR won 3:0, with one of their players getting the highest score of 2016 points. But in the end, no one seems to be able to push Brazukas from their throne.

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