Last Saturday, once again, the best teams of their respective regions clashed in a battle for the points and prize money. Don’t forget that the top teams of the Summer Challengers are going to get the tickets to the Pro Series Germany live event.

Let’s look closely what happened in the regions.

Southeast Asia 

As always we start with our SEA region. There were no surprises this time. We have a very familiar picture before our eyes: CycloneGG and IND_WOLVES dominating in the semi-finals with clean sweeps: 2:0 in each match. In the fight for the third place, UNKILLED proves to be the stronger team with a 3:0 no wonder – Their player GUNRAG SINGH has the highest score in the region: 1866.

Next, FInals. IND_WOLVES show a good game even snatching one map from CycloneGG. But the region shows a very strong game this week, with Gunner Being the MVP with the highest (K/A)D among the top teams and Heisenberg and Blaze having the second and the third best score in the region – there is just no stopping them this time.


Then we move up to the European region. And it was on fire this week. It starts with the unexpected – two of the strongest teams in the region Back to Back and Lazarus got thrown off their thrones, by [EDGE] Infinity eSports and Knights of Honor [JUGG]. It’s quite surprising for everyone involved. In the fight for the 3rd place Lazarus lose to Back to Back 1:3. It is possible that they are weakened by the last minute stand-in by John Wick. He joined the team in the place of Divine King, who wasn’t able to play this week.

As a result in the finals, we see a clash of  [EDGE] Infinity and Knights of Honor [JUGG]. And thу latter did not joke around. Though the highest score (1722) goes to MASIV from team EDGE, the unquestionable MVP of the week was T-Mac from JUGG with a K/D of 2.55 and an awesome triple elimination in the third match of the Finals.  

North America

For a few weeks, we had a similar situation in the rankings - Impact Gaming and Eanix fighting for the top spot and Impact Gaming usually winning. And, though, no one dethroned the Kings, yet, we can see some fresh blood in the Finals. Team EPIC moved Eanix aside this week and got themselves those 75 points that come with a second place. They even won one map against Impact Gaming. Can they fight for that spot in Pro Series Germany? Watch the broadcast next week, and see how they’ll do.

Latin America

Brazukas are as dominant as ever in their region, with Panda being the MVP, with an impressive K/D of 3 they are the reigning leaders. 

Our attention was also drawn to the new team DUCK’s getting the second place, and 75 points with the second and third highest score between two teammates K-Mayer and Jon Snow (he knows Guns of Boom, that for sure) and all of that with the team being registered just this June. That’s a very impressive start.

A lesson for all our future players – if you think you got what it takes, it’s not too late to join and try out in our Challenger Series. Follow the link at the end of the article to learn how to join.

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