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A change of scenery is always welcome, especially if we’re talking about summer – the ultimate vacation season. Check out the scenery for the competitive matches of Week 5 of Summer Challengers!

Do you have a favorite among these beautiful maps? Or, maybe, there’s a map you try to avoid at all costs because it’s just unlucky? Don’t hold back, let the community know what you think — join us on Twitter or Facebook and let’s discuss everything map-related!

Keep in mind, that there are only two weekend cups left in the Summer Challengers, so don’t miss the tournaments this weekend!

Want to see the highest level of Guns of Boom play? Check out the video of the Gods of Boom ESL ONE Cologne matches and witness the pros do their magic:

Tap here to watch recaps

Don’t forget to register to participate in the tournament! These are the last Challengers of Season 2 with the total prize pool of $500,000. To find out how to join, read this.

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