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Act 2 Season 4 is about bringing back the fondest GOB memories and enjoying some classic style. It's a throwback season, and it will make your heart pump nostalgia like it’s 2017 and you’re on Europe: Streets with Legend in your hands, getting to know the map for the first time... 

Along with the start of the new season, we’ve made some permanent core gameplay changes that include longer seasons, more Battle Career ranks, more generous Battle Fair rewards, and more – if you want to learn about those, check out our latest Patch Notes.

New Lobby

The main screen of the game now looks more spacious and alive than ever. You can see the classic Guns of Boom farm in the background, and every little detail is a door that opens a gateway to those golden days of Guns of Boom. Enjoy the serenity of vintage farm life when you’re out of battle and just admiring your character’s bold looks. 

New Cosmetics

Planning on going down memory lane? Dress accordingly! 

We’ve got the amazing male character costume – the original Gobman! Put it on and literally become the face of Guns of Boom – the guy who looks at you from the game’s icon. We’ve also got a special treat for all the lady characters – the Cowmooflage mask. Blending in with the crowd of cardboard cows may be tricky on some maps, but your dedication to classic GOB symbols will be spot on!

Moving on to other items of interest: there’s a unique and prestigious black-and-gold skin for Porcupine that looks like the most luxurious thing ever, some rad designs for other guns, and the Tactical Genius emote that’ll show everyone in battle who’s the real pro. 

Battle Fairs

Starting today, we’re changing the number of Battle Fairs in a season from 2 to 3. That means you can get more goodies in each season of the game.
For info about the changes in Battle Fairs, read the Patch Notes.


Weekends are magical and special for a number of reasons, and Guns of Boom Brawls are among the main ones! Enjoy the special tailor-made game modes with no pressure — brawl fights do not affect any of your stats, yet they do yield nice rewards for completed challenges, Starting now, there will be 9 brawls in each season — play them all!

That’s it for today! Now go and explore the new features, unlock all the content, and enjoy the unmistakable vibe of good old Guns of Boom! 

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