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A new season has started – set out on a mission to the far north, and meet the fearless descendants of ancient Vikings. Fight in the fierce snowy lands, win amazing themed cosmetics, have carefree fun in weekend brawls, and don’t miss the juicy Battle Fairs with some awesome gear offers! Learn more in the article.


We have significantly reduced the starting prices for Gunbucks weapons. Also, all upgrades for these weapons can now be purchased with Gunbucks, but we made it so that the last upgrades are more costly. Basically, it’s now cheaper to buy a weapon with Gunbucks, but the final price of a fully upgraded gun stays the same as before (in gold equivalent). 


From now on, you gain level experience in brawls and event fights, so you will gain levels even if you don’t play Classic Battles. However, brawls and events will not alter your stats, they will only give you experience, so you can have your carefree fun. These changes will take effect once the Two Fronts brawl kicks off on November 12. 


  • Scorpion: The Adrenaline perk now loses 10% effectiveness after each elimination. Once the perk stops giving additional damage, it stops being active.

Dev Commentary: This gun is usually used by snipers because the limitations of the Adrenaline perk make the weapon almost useless in close combat. The 50% damage increase for 10 seconds allowed players to take out whole teams from afar. The current change is aimed at making the perk effective only before the first elimination. After that, its effectiveness drops off. Scorpion still gives a decent damage boost, but you can no longer wipe whole teams with a single use of Adrenaline.

  • Undying: The effectiveness of damage absorption is reduced from 80% to 60% (does not apply to knives and throwing knives - they do full damage)

Dev Commentary: In the previous balance patch, we changed the initial short invulnerability period for a reduction of incoming damage. This reduction does not affect knives, but it was still way too much, so we decided to take it down a peg: from 80% to 60%. Knives (including throwing knives) still do 100% damage.


  • Fixed the issue that sometimes caused solo players to be matched against pre-made groups of gunslingers in Classic Battles.
  • We’ve improved the aim-assist feature and its target selection mechanism when there are several targets in your crosshair.
  • Fixed the Double Trouble perk name – it’s now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed the issue with the Holiday Outfit costume changing the skin tone on your character’s neck. 
  • Added some extra space between the gun name and the star in the loadout window.
  • Fixed the issue with Thunder shotgun not playing the correct reload animation after switching loadout.



  • Fixed the error that led to some weapons aiming incorrectly, when the enemy was only partly visible
  • Fixed a matchmaking problem: player levels will now be split more evenly in each battle. Situations like this one should happen less frequently.

  • The rules of matchmaking stay the same - players are balanced based on their league. The current fix will simply balance the team allocation of different-level players from the same league. We continue working on a full overhaul of our matchmaking mechanic - stay tuned.
  • Fixed the issue with auto-aim not working for some Android players
  • Fixed the error that prevented you from leaving aimed mode after performing an emote in aimed mode
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