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29.1 – MAY 5, 2022

A completely new feature is waiting for you in update 29.1 - say hello to Collection! This is a new approach to managing all your content, be it weapons or cosmetics. It also allows you to add items to your personal wishlist on the fly, as well as buy the fragments you lack without having to wait for Battle Fairs or special offers!

  • Explore the rich Guns of Boom content with the Collection window!

  • Add the items you like to your Wishlist on the go!

  • Send weapons and cosmetics as gifts for friends!

We’re just getting started! 

This is the first version of the Collection feature, and we plan to develop it further in future updates. First of all, we plan to introduce skins, insignias, and emotes, as well as expand filter and catalog functionality. If you have any suggestions and feedback on how to improve Collections, don’t hold back and let us know in the comments on any social network where Guns of Boom is present! 

More about Collection

What’s a Collection? 

The Collection is a catalog of all weapons and customization items in Guns of Boom. It helps you keep track of the things you already own, as well as the ones you only want to get your hands on. You get Gunbucks rewards for expanding your Collection: so get new items and complete special Collection quests to increase your rewards! Collection quests can be found on the Daily Quests tab. 


If in battle you see a gun or a costume you really like, you can add them to your Wishlist. The list holds information about the items you currently don’t have, but have seen on other players and want to get in the future. You can add an item to your Wishlist during battle, at the end of a match, or on the MVP screen by tapping the player who has it. 

Keep in mind that not all items can be added to your Wishlist. Exclusive items, like the Volcano grenade launcher from the Big Guns brawl or the content from Trejo Tournament/The Walking Dead events, cannot be added to your list, because they are not part of the main classical mode. 

New way to buy and upgrade guns

From now on, you don’t have to wait for a Battle Fair to come around with the gun you’ve been waiting for. Some of the Collection content, including weapon fragments, will be available at a special fair that unlocks for all players level 5+. The first three spins are free, then you can continue by spending gold. Please keep in mind that not all Collection content is available instantly: some weapons only unlock once a player reaches a certain level. The game will notify you about such limitations, but you can still upgrade your weapons so that once you do reach the needed level, you can instantly use them in your loadouts. 

Currently, the Collection fairs feature the following weapons; Warmonger, Cyclops, Thunder, Barracuda, Drifter’s Crossbow, Orochi, Icebreaker, and Kingslayer. The list will be expanded in future updates.

Gifts for other gunslingers

Great news for everyone who wanted to treat their gunslinger friends in the game - now you can send gifts from other players’ wishlists! Just visit your friend’s profile, and select the item you wish to gift from their wishlist. Gifts are purchased with gold. Please note: You can send gifts to other players only as long as you are VIP (have an active booster that increases the amount of Battle Career experience and Gunbucks you get). Once you stop being VIP,  your ability to send gifts will disappear.


  • List scrolling has been improved for various in-game windows
  • Fixed the incorrect display of the DEFEAT text in the Recent Games window
  • Fully scrolling through the offers in the main lobby no longer results in empty offer slots being shown by mistake
  • When female characters are eliminated in brawls, they no longer playback male character voice lines
  • The season background for the player name no longer gets clipped in the Two Fronts mode
  • The Reset button now becomes grayed out once you reset the Battle Fair
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