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29.0 – March 15, 2022


Guns of Boom is taking on the final frontier — this season is all about cosmic adventures and space exploration! Strap yourself in and get ready for 61 day of out-of-this-world activities. Needless to say that the space-themed season calls for space-themed cosmetics! We’ve prepared fantastic masks, costumes, and emotes that will take you to another dimension.


We've finished reworking weapon archetypes. Changes made to shotguns and sniper rifles were tested on PTS 29.0 and are now available in the game:

  • The damage dealt no longer depends on the distance, same as for the other types of weapons
  • The overall spread for shotguns has increased, so heavy damage at long range while shooting from the hip is no longer possible
  • All shotguns will now have an aiming mode; this will help to diminish the spread 
  • Movement dynamics when using a rifle was reduced, and the ability to inflict critical damage when firing from the hip was removed 


After we reintroduced the weapon readiness time parameter, we received countless requests from our community to tweak the stats for some shotguns, so we did:

  •  Bear Trap, Ranger: single-shot damage decreased, but the fire rate increased. Weapon readiness time reduced from 0.7s to the standard 0.3s.
  • Onslaught and Battering Ram: the readiness time also brought to the standard 0.3s.


We have changed the mechanics of interaction with the pistol. Now, in the settings, you can choose one of the modes – manual or automatic. In manual mode, the pistol works by tapping the button on the screen. In automatic mode, things work as usual. Also, now you can disable the pistol altogether.

Bear in mind that the following actions will interrupt the activation of the pistol when it’s in manual mode:

  • Attack with a knife
  • Throwing an offensive consumable
  • Weapon change


In this update, the visuals of a large number of weapons were significantly improved.

  • All shotguns now have the aiming mode (except for Orion, this weapon already had it)
  • Position from the hip in the frame was changed: Destroyer, Cyclops, Odin, Dragonfire, Warmonger, Firefly, Slicer, Scattershot, Remedy, Traitor, Ranger, Porcupine, Cerberus, Thunder, Avalanche, Dolores, Desperado, Berserker, Brawler, Thanatos, Iceberg, Scout, Prometheus, Liquidator, Barracuda, Quicksilver, Lizard, Armageddon, Pain, Persuader, Fortune, Matador
  • The shape of the sight and the position of the weapon in aiming mode was changed: Hans, Buffalo, Anubis, Hurricane, Matador, Hero
  • Improved hip-firing animation: Thunder, Cerberus, Remedy, Brawler, Avalanche, Traitor, Porcupine, Berserker, Desperado
  • Improved shooting animation in aiming mode: Orion, Traitor, Porcupine, Berserker, Desperado
  • Improved exterior: Scattershot, Slicer, Fortuna, Persuader, Brawler, Berserker, Lizard, Quicksilver, Damascus, Iguana, Bulldog, Executioner


Two camping spots on the map are no longer available. This should make the overall gaming experience in this location more dynamic.


After the testing, we looked through your feedback and decided not to make control buttons on smartphones smaller. In this version, controls are back to their original size, except for the aim and knife buttons. We have resized them so that all control buttons on the screen are the same size.


  • We fixed the bug that caused the game to crash on launch on some Android devices.
  • Spamming the "Claim" button in the Battle Career window no longer results in an error.
  • We fixed the UI layering problem in the drone control window on iPhone X.
  • After leaving the clan, the clan icon is no longer displayed in the lobby.



  • Made changes to the weapon select menu. Now, pressing the weapon switch button will open a list of available guns on top of the button itself. The list will disappear once you choose the desired gun and take your finger off the screen. This will make weapon selection easier and faster.

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