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Version 25.1 features yet another balance change. We've tweaked Icebreaker and Berserker, made changes to the Gecko pants and E.Y.E helmet, and remade the visual part of Undying's perk. Read this article to learn more!


We've reworked animations in fights. Updated movement animations, equalized the positioning of both male and female characters on maps—they now behave the same way, even behind cover (right shoulder peeking). Moreover, the way characters hold weapons now depends on the weapon type.


We've made changes to further improve the players’ experience. Group fights are now a standalone game mode—play in solo mode, or in group mode, the choice is yours. Switching weapons should be a breeze now as we have added the option to relocate the weapon switching button. And last but not least–the matchmaking for lower-level players was improved!


  • Now, when you cancel a purchase, you'll see a proper message instead of a system message
  • Costume’s grade star no longer overlaps the name of the costume
  • In the Two Fronts brawl, the color of the shock mine for both enemy teams will now be displayed in red (and green for allies)
  • The Overclocking perk in the Recon specialization didn't work properly with Dolores shotgun. We found out why and fixed it
  • Fixed the issue that made the lobby not load correctly after a battle ends
  • Fixed the issue that caused Gecko pants deal additional damage to the head if Dark Stalker is equipped
  • Based on the PTS testing results, we fixed the bug that made weapon selection icons in battle significantly smaller than usual
  • Based on the PTS testing results, we fixed the bug that caused some weapons to stop shooting
  • Damage reduction buffs for stimulants no longer stack up in Pro Play and event modes (as has already been done in main battles in April 2021)
  • In Weapon Hunt, the player with the most points rather than eliminations was displayed first. We fixed this
  • Friends information is now updated without the need to re-enter the friends list

These are all the changes for now. We hope this improves your gaming experience.

HOTFIX — August 24

  • In version 25.1, the icon that changes weapons in battle got bigger; now it’s back to normal. The option to change the position of the button on the screen, which was added in version 25.1, is still there
  • You can link your Facebook account to the game on Android devices again, all fixed
  • Fixed the bug that made players inflict damage to themselves when shooting at objects next to them in FFA mode
  • The bug that caused the interface to freeze after accepting an invitation to a tournament battle was found and fixed
  • Capture and Payload points became much brighter than before; we figured out why and got in in order
  • Fixed the bug that caused the point to incorrectly change color during its capture 
  • Fixed some animations of movement in combat
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