Hey, Gunslingers! Version 25.1 is almost out and it will feature yet another round of weapon and equipment balance changes. We've got you covered with all the nerfs and buffs.



  • Reduced the HP-dependant damage to 50%

  • Reduced base damage by 21%

  • Increased recoil

Dev Commentary: Berserker is notorious for being the weapon of choice for those who love to live on the edge. The fewer health points you have, the more damage it deals, meaning that after you take a couple of hits, Berserker starts dealing more damage than other zero-grade shotguns. Once it reaches grade 5, it becomes an especially dangerous shotgun. That's why we decided to decrease its damage—OP weapons are never fun or fair.


  • Base damage increased by 5%

  • Damage to the head multiplier reduced by 30%

Dev Commentary: Icebreaker consistently performs better than any other rifle. This may be because the headshots are much easier to implement with rapid-fire sniper rifles, not to mention not getting any repercussions when you miss. In this regard, we decreased the headshot multiplier and slightly increased the overall damage of the weapon.



  • Bonus damage to the head decreased from 2% to 1% per helmet’s additional grade, making the maximum bonus 15% instead of 20%

  • When the helmet is activated, the one wearing it is also highlighted for everyone (for 3 sec.)

Dev Commentary: Thanks to its ability to make enemies visible through walls, the E.Y.E was the ultimate supplementary helmet. Add the 20% bonus damage to the head, and you’ll get the only helmet for Sniper specialization that made sense. Changes we made to the helmet should add depth to the gameplay, and encourage players to create more diverse loadouts. Since we've been able to test the balance patch on PTS before the release, we found that initial changes did not quite lead to the expected results, so based on the information we gathered, we decided to reduce the bonus damage to 15% (instead of initial 10%).


  • Changed the visuals of the perk

Dev Commentary: Due to somewhat confusing visuals of the helmet's perk, there may have been a misunderstanding about Undying granting complete invincibility. We decided to change the effect to make it coherent with the mechanics. However, PTS testing showed there are more issues with the helmet’s ability than just its visual perception, so more tweaks will be added in future balance patches. 


  • Reworked grenade drop mechanics

Dev Commentary: The pants had one issue—it was impossible to evade the grenade. The mechanics have been redesigned, so there will be a window of 3 seconds between the character's death and the explosion—enough time to run away from the blast.

That's all for 25.1 balance changes, but we're keeping a close eye on the gameplay and will make other necessary adjustments in future updates. Stay tuned!

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