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Lucy Mae

Let’s meet the people behind the microphone! These awesome casters will be in charge of commentating and analyzing the games this Saturday. Give them a warm welcome!

Lucy Mae is energetic and fun, and some of you remember her from the Season One Final. Good to see familiar faces. Speaking of which… Harry “Lethal” Thomas casted all the offline events in Season One, and did some work in Season Two as well. He is well-known and loved by the community. Jack “Jacky” Peters first casted EU Invitational, and then worked as an analyst on Kick-Off 2019. Jason Kaplan is a new caster in Season Two, but we know he’s going to do great. And last but not least, Matt “Matrym” Oates is a new face in Season Two who’ll make his first appearance in Texas.

It’s a dream team, guys! Don’t miss the Saturday stream - set a reminder!


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