Below, you'll find the list of the most important known issues we're working on. If you didn't find a bug on this list that you personally encountered, please submit a report to Tech Support. We revise all incoming reports and set priorities for each reported issue.


  • On Android, an empty window may appear after the battle ends. It’s a rare problem, but an important one nonetheless, and we’re working on solving it.
  • A player who left the match may be listed as defeated in the results window even if their team has won.
  • When a player falls from the bridge on the Island: Ruins map, the elimination screen may be mistakenly displayed.
  • If you level up your Battle Career and instantly go into battle, some screen overlapping may occur.
  • In Spectator mode on iOS, player outlines may not be displayed correctly.

Check out our patch notes to learn about all the latest fixes!

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