Gods of Boom Kick-Off 2019 is the first event of Season’s Two elite league. The match will be held on March 1 during the Intel Extreme Masters event in Katowice, Poland. At the grand Spodek Arena, seating 11,500 people, the champions of 2018, Lazarus, and their long-time opponents, team Noble will have their rematch. These two teams fought desperately the entire first season, making these matches a real nail-biter, hard to predict who would be the winner until the very last seconds. Lazarus were able to overcome them in Season One and win the championship, but very soon they will meet again, and team Noble will want to take revenge for past defeats.

Since their last meeting, the guys managed to sign contracts with professional eSports organizations and start training at the PRO level. The lineup of Lazarus has not changed during this time, but the well-known player nok1a, who previously was the captain of the strong Amplified team from the USA, joined Noble. Who will be the winner in this сlash of the Titans? How will the prize pool of $50,000 be split? We'll find out on March 1!

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