As you probably know, all the Gods of Boom participants are defined by Pro Series events: the teams that win Pro Series move up to the next stage. However, there’s one special invite slot that we can use to bring in any team to the Gods of Boom tournament in Cologne. This season, there were too many great players and teams, and it was impossible to choose the most worthy candidate for this slot. That’s why we’ve decided to hold one additional qualifier tournament for the best EU teams, so one of them can go to the fantastic offline event in Cologne.

Here’s the list of teams that will take part in a battle for the ticket to Gods of Boom Cologne:
- EDGE Infinity eSports (ex-ForZe)
- DustTwo Esports
- SideKicks (ex-Unbreakable)
- Knights of Honor JUGG

All of them have already participated in offline events, and achieved the best results in the Winter and Spring Challengers, apart from the teams that have already secured their spots for Gods of Boom. We want to keep a high competition level in the European region and give the athletes a chance to show their best performance since we can’t change the number of regional slots during the season. Let’s see who gets the chance to shine!

Good luck to all the teams in this upcoming battle this Sunday, June 16, that promises to be a hot one! We’ll announce the results as soon as they’re in - stay tuned. Or check out the official ESL Play page of the tournament

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