The fight against corporate tyranny is far from over, and we’re about to see some new faces in this epic struggle. 

The events of Brave New Season have affected the public, and now people are resisting the oppression more each day. Yet there are some who took justice into their own hands – vigilantes with pure hearts, iron muscles, and lightning-fast reflexes. Get ready for a season of superheroes, and become one yourself!

Tight-fitting costumes

What are the two things that make any superhero? Superpowers and a rad costume, of course! In Act 2 Season 2, we have both. Let’s start with Sunburn. This guy used to be a simple space engineer who one day got hit by a severe solar flare. He tried to shield himself from the light, and his whole left arm became infused with the radiating power of the Sun! His engineering career was instantly over, yet he was reborn as a superhero!

There’s one more face you can meet this season - her name is Seer. This fit gal was a quiet yoga teacher until she got robbed by a bunch of criminals. They took more than her money - they took her sight. She could no longer see, but she had a vision - she became a crime-fighting hero helping people in trouble. 

Now, onto the superpowers — Heroic Feat is an all-new emote that makes your character levitate! That’s right — your body becomes airborne and hovers above the ground for others to marvel at. 

These are the two main feats of any superhero, but if you want to customize further, we’ve got a bunch of weapon skins and insignias to complete the look – check ‘em out.

Battle Fairs

Adding gear to your arsenal is just as important as fighting the villains and helping the good guys. So, as usual, this season features 2 Battle Fairs, each one with 8 items to roll for. The first one will kick off on January 28. Launch the fair and take a look at the full gear menu!


Crime-fighting and being an impeccable role-model for kids is cool and all, but superheroes need a break once in a while too. That’s why we have a total of 6 epic brawls planned for the next 40 days. Get ready to test your skills and have a load of risk-free fun (brawls do not affect your account stats). For more info about specific brawls, take a look at this detailed guide.

Season Pass

Want to become the ultimate vigilante? There’s a sure way to achieve that — Season Pass! Purchase it to unlock all Battle Career rewards, get all brawl contracts, double your XP gains from the Daily Marathon, and increase your daily XP cap. 

If none of this makes sense, you’ve probably been away from the game for a while. We’ve introduced some Battle Career changes in Brave New Season, which you can learn about in this article.

Balance Changes

Last but not least, we’ve made some balance changes to popular weapons. These adjustments aren't part of the Season, but they're important enough, so we think you should know about them. Full details in this article.

That’s all for today. Now, put on your overalls, strike a pose on one of the rooftops, and start doing the right thing, as a superhero should. Good luck! 

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