Since we’ve added a new specialization to the set (you can read more about Assault, Sniper, and Support here, and about the newest spec Recon here), some balance changes had to be done as well. We always prioritize fair gameplay and aim to make every specialization as refined as it can be, therefore some of the equipment lineups required minor tweaking to make them fit the traits we intended for every specialization.


Doctor, the helmet that increases the effect of medkits, was added to the Support specialization. It was necessary in order to make this spec more viable on the battlefield.

Bulwark which decreases the incoming and outcoming damage when activated, as well as regenerates health when you don’t take damage, was added to the Assault specialization, to give additional chances of regrouping during the battle.

Ballistic Mask, that reduces the damage to the head, was added to the Assault setup so it could better counteract the Sniper specialization.


Panther pants that make you as swift and elegant as a panther by increasing your movement speed were added to the Sniper specialization. We decided that just like the jacket Kevlar, these pants should be a part of the essentials for all specs.

Jockey pants that restore some armor after an elimination were added to the Support spec since it perfectly fits the concept. You’re like a heavily armored tank supporting your team through thick and thin.

Space Marine pants, that decrease incoming damage for 3 seconds after an elimination, were added to the Assault setup, again, to make it a more viable option.

This is it for now. We’ll continue to keep an eye on how these, and other gear, perform in action to make the gameplay as enjoyable as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know. 

Until next time!

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