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It was a truly nerve-racking day of incredibly close battles! 3:2 in best of 5, 3:4 in best of 7, matches with less than 10 points difference – we had it all! Definitely a tournament worth rewatching!

And now we have our finalists. Impact Gaming who are seemingly unbeatable at this point are going to fight against Lazarus, who lost their first match against Back to Back, but staying true to their name raised back up through the lower bracket to fight against the double Pro Series champion Impact Gaming. 

Don’t forget Impact Gaming are moving up to the Finals with one extra point. Here’s where the teams stand in the bracket right now:

Can they prevail? Or will Venom kiss one more trophy? Meet us on the broadcast below or at the epic Lanxess Arena Tomorrow at 12:30 CEST for the last final battle of Gods of Boom Cologne. It is definitely going to be a tournament to remember.

And here you can rewatch the awesome tournament that took place today.

Tap here for awesomeness

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