What’s PTS?

First of all, PTS stands for Public Testing Server. That’s a place where we can try out new mechanics and features, and fine tune them nicely before releasing for the main game – Guns of Boom Classic. It’s a testing ground, so imbalance and bugs are more likely to appear during gameplay – but spotting them and reporting is the whole point. 

Bug hunting is very important for us and for the quality of the official GOB updates, and we’re really thankful to everyone who is willing to test the mechanics before they’re rolled out for our multi-million audience. We plan to reward active PTS players who make the biggest contributions to the game’s development. The list of these rewards is secret for now, but we’ll make it worth your while.

Bug reporting

So, let’s say you’re a gunslinger who is playing on PTS, and you’ve found a nasty bug. Good job – that’s why we’re here. However, spotting an issue is only half the battle – properly reporting it is just as important! Here’s a quick guide on how to send the info our way and be an effective tester.

  1. Give a full description of the problem you’ve encountered, the more details – the better
  2. Try and retrace the actions you took before running into the bug – this will help us recreate the situation and see if it’s consistent
  3. If the bug is graphical, take screenshots or better yet, record a video and attach it to your report – a picture’s worth a thousand words when it comes to glitches
  4. For bugs that happen during battle, include the following info: date, time, game mode, map. A simple way to package all this is by taking a screenshot of your battle history and highlighting the match in which you encountered the bug
  5. If your bug happened during battle, please let us know whether you were playing solo or in a group – this can be very important sometimes
  6. Let us know how often you encounter a bug: is it a now time thing, does it happen every time you do something specific, or maybe it happens from time to time? 
  7. Make sure to use the Repair Client feature in the game’s settings and see if that fixes the bug or makes the game behave differently. It’s not a universal remedy for all issues, but in some cases it can fix a specific bug in the game. Include this info in your report as well

Making your report valuable

Any information about bugs in the game is important, but some is more useful for our developers in their efforts to fix all the issues. Here’s the list: 

  1. Screenshots/Videos of bugs
  2. Exact place where bug was found
  3. Steps taken before the bug happened
  4. Frequency of bug (how often it appears)
  5. Whether Repair Client feature helps
  6. Exact data about the battle if the bug happened in battle 

Sharing your feedback

Testing the game’s future updates isn’t just about bug hunting – it’s also about leaving your most honest feedback about the things you loved or hated. You can do this on any social network where Guns of Boom is present (which is almost everywhere) or in a designated channel on our Discord – your choice. 

Don’t hold back, and let us know what parts of PTS gameplay you like/dislike and why – this is just as important as reporting obvious bugs. We want to hear your constructive feedback.

Once again, thanks for taking the time and the effort to expand your Guns of Boom experience and helping us make the game better for the whole community

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