The Antarctic and the South Pole region are known for many things, but mainly, for the huge factories located there. People still dispute about what is produced in those factories: toys, guns, or maybe even both. One thing is certain though: every December, the owner of the factories takes a trip across the globe to deliver the goods, leaving his production unguarded. At least that’s what one of the former employees thought before attempting to capture the factories in the absence of the owner. Little did he know - the owner’s significant other who goes by Mrs. Claus is ready to fend off any and all intruders!

The New Year event will be live from December 15 to January 6, it’s available to all gunslinger level 5+

Winter Dress-Up

This holiday season, we’ve got the best cosmetics hookups for you. First off, we’ve got the stylish, practical, and heavily holiday-themed Mrs. Claus costume – don’t let the fluffy white furs trick you, this lady’s dangerous and deadly. Next up, there’s the Krampus costume for the gentlemen gunslingers – a real dark look for lone wolves who’re not in search of new friends all the time. Then, we’ve got 2 awesome masks: the intimidatingly pink Holiday Stocking and the Gingerbread Mask that looks like it regrets saying “Bite me”. Finally, we have a bunch of insignia and weapon skins, but two of them really stand out – the Giftwrapped skin for Drifter’s Crossbow, and the Snowboom skin for the Brawler shotgun - make sure to check ‘em out! 

There are different ways of getting these neat holiday items: mainly, you receive cosmetics for completing event challenges and opening event cases.

The Tree

Ah, the fir tree – nothing embodies the holiday spirit better. However, the tree itself presents little festivity – you need to decorate it properly to have a real New Year party. The ornaments and the lights for the tree can be found in the Advent Calendar that’s been live since December 1. Don’t worry if you haven’t claimed any rewards yet – you can claim all previous ones once you launch the game and open the calendar. Good luck, and enjoy your beautiful tree in the cozy lobby!

Holiday Destinations

Sure, some people go to tropical countries for New Year celebrations, but the authentic theme is snow, fuzzy sweaters, and cozy fireplaces. So, this year we’ve got a whole bunch of winter maps with a ton of different game modes prepared. Take a look: 

  • Mountains: Cableway
  • Arctic: Base
  • Mountains: Chalet
  • Europe: New Year
  • Asia: Palace of Shadows

Game modes on these beautiful maps include Team Deathmatch, Delivery Run, Zone Control, King of the Hill, Loot Hunt, and Escort. Variety rocks! 

Hunt for Gifts

This is a holiday version of a fun mode called Loot Hunt, a Free-For-All affair where 8 gunslingers strive to collect as many gift boxes as they can in the allotted time. If you get eliminated, you drop half of the boxes you had, and others can pick them up. Simple, brutal, hectic, fun. Just jump into a fight, and you’ll be hooked from the start.

New Year Fairs

Want to spice up your holidays? Turn to the event fairs for that! The first one will feature a new helmet called Razor. Do you know why it is called that? Because it literally throws razor-sharp knives at your enemies. You got to see it to believe it. Then, we get to the second stage and to the long-awaited Drifter’s Crossbow. It’s a classic long-range weapon that doesn’t make much noise but does make a ton of damage. Finally, we arrive at the third fair, where Holiday Cases full of winter cosmetics will be available – unlock them to get unique items that’ll complete your holiday look.

That’s mostly it. Sure, we kept a surprise or two up our sleeve to boost your holiday spirit later on, but you get the picture: claim rewards from the Advent Calendar, decorate the tree in the lobby, play in the event to gain tokens, spend them at the fairs, and complete challenges to get even more goodies. Happy holidays, gunslingers!

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