Weekend Rumble tournaments powered by Challengermode have taken the community by storm, and that is simply awesome! However, we feel like our competitive scene needs some variety, so we’re introducing a new tournament – Double Strike! The registration is now open, follow the links to sign up for it:

If you’ve ever played in the Double Trouble brawl, you already know most of the mechanics. If not, here’s the breakdown:

  • Every map consists of 3-5 short rounds, each round lasts 60 seconds
  • Only 2 players on each team, no respawns during a round
  • In each round, teams try to eliminate each other or capture a zone in the center of the map
  • The zone appears 20 seconds before the end of the round
  • The first team to win 3 rounds wins the match
  • If the 5th round in a match ends in a draw, an additional 6th round is played - it lasts for 5 minutes

Double Strike uses a special map preset, which is already available for tournament organizers:

This new tournament is perfect for players who have yet to find their full team of 4, and for gunslingers new to the competitive format in general. It’s easier to find one teammate than finding three, and it’s easier to hone some tactical tricks when there are only 2 of you. 

However, experienced teams may find this competition useful as well and try out different tactics in a tighter format. For instance, if you already have a 4-player team, but are looking to improve the synergy between some of the members – Double Strike is the perfect opportunity to work on that battlefield chemistry and master those back-to-back skills.

Check out the new tournaments on Challengermode and remember – you can take part in both Weekend Rumble and Double Strike competitions. Furthermore, if you win both tournaments, you’ll get the rewards for both of them. So, if you got game, join them all and show us what you got!

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