Not too long ago we introduced specializations: a major core gameplay feature that allows you to create special character builds for specific game situations and scenarios. The change lets you upgrade your character from an average gunslinger, to a nop-notch terminating machine by utilizing your best abilities. From now on, you get to decide what you’ll be doing on the battlefield and how you plan to do it. 

You asked us to add a specialization that focuses on more versatile gameplay, so we did. And we made it as good as it gets. Today we're presenting the fourth one: Recon.


If you like to eliminate your enemies from afar, but also don’t mind being up close and personal with your opponents from time to time, Recon is your spec of choice. The weapon selection is designed in a way to suit both long-range and close-range combat. The spec becomes available to the players after they reach level 5. Weapons: Sniper Rifle + Shotgun.

Here's the list of available loadouts for this spec.

Here is the table of available Recon perks and their effects. More details about perks for the Recon specialization – in our Perks Guide.

Loadout creating tips

To start playing with this or any other specialization, create a loadout by tapping the button with three lines next to the Arsenal button in the main lobby. Then select a slot for the loadout and choose a specialization. After you have made the choice, you'll be invited to pick your gear from a selection of weapons, available to this particular specialization. All gear is tailored to be used with a certain specialization and can not be used with others. You can also assign a perk to your character to further enhance your performance in battle. Each loadout can contain a maximum of 4 perks with which you take to battle.

You can get perks by leveling up, taking part in special in-game activities, and opening special perk crates. Perks can be upgraded just like weapons, so leveling up your favorite abilities is a good way of spending resources. 

This sums things up. Test the new spec in the game and be sure to leave your comment about it on our Facebook page! Your feedback is always appreciated. Also, the best way to learn more about the new spec is to take part in our promo event, with free challenges. Hurry up, because it won't last long: only 7 days with 9 free challenges, and a grand prize, full of spec perks and event tokens, will be yours.

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