"You made it this far, huh? Ain't gonna lie, that luck's bound to run out. Walkers're everywhere, and the people... if you can call 'em that... they'll kill ya as soon as look at ya. I can teach you a thing or two... but stayin' alive is up to you." --Daryl Dixon

Get ready for the biggest crossover in the history of Gods of Boom! AMC’s The Walking Dead is coming to your favorite mobile shooter for 6 whole weeks - from February 20th to March 31st! There’s so much content packed into this event that this guide can only serve as an overview. For more details on specific topics check out out the following:

Battle Career

Play in battles, complete challenges, and get Battle Career experience for them. Once you get enough, you rank up. The maximum rank is 40, but there are 10 additional levels for more fun this season. The farther up the ladder you are, the better your rewards get. Want to skyrocket to the top faster than others? The Season Pass is your best friend: it lets you progress faster and lets you claim more loot!

Event Stages

This collaboration with The Walking Dead is BIG, and we had to divide it into 3 active stages (each one with a special event) and 2 breaks between those. We’ve made special articles about each of the three stages, so just click on the stage you’re interested in to see the full details.

IMPORTANT: You’ll need Survival Kits to play in PvE event battles (does not affect brawls). Every time you join a PvE event fight, you spend one Survival Kit. There are several ways to get them in the game:

  • You get 10 Survival Kits at the start of the event
  • They’re guaranteed to drop from free event cases
  • You can get them by playing in regular PvP matches - they drop from eliminated enemies
  • They can be purchased with gold at the game store

Stage I (February 20 – March 1)

  • New PvE mode – The Gauntlet. Fight herds of walkers single-handedly in two PvE modes: either survive as long as you can or protect valuable supplies from oncoming waves of walkers.
  • New map – battle the undead in locations inspired by the TV show.
  • Fair: Daryl’s Crossbow. Spin the wheel to get fragments of this new silent and deadly weapon as well as other great loot.
  • First wave of challenges.
  • Two themed brawls: the all-new Ultimate Survivor and the series-themed rework of Arms Race.

Break (March 1 – March 5)

  • No event fights, ratings, or fairs.
  • Special challenges – 3 new ones every 24 hours. Complete any of them to get event tokens, and complete all three to get fragments of the new Reanimator pants.

Stage II (March 5 – March 15)

  • New PvP mode – Two Fronts. Three teams of 3 players fight for survival, but only one of them can win!
  • Fair: Survivor. Assemble this compact assault rifle to get the upper hand on both walkers and other survivors.
  • New challenges with new rewards.
  • Two themed brawls: a new look at Control Points called Point Domination and a solo-brawl called Last Stand where you survive against endless waves of incoming enemies.

Break (March 15 – March 19)

  • No event fights, ratings, or fairs.
  • Special challenges – 3 new ones every 24 hours. Completing them grants event tokens.

Stage III (March 19 – March 31)

  • Longest stage of the event – a whole 12 days. This is your chance to farm all the Battle Career experience you need, as well as spin those fairs until you get what you need.
  • The Gauntlet PvE mode is back - surviving is even harder than before! Fight walkers, whisperers, and raiders hang in there long enough, and you'll come out on top as the ultimate survivor.
  • Fair: Rick’s Revolver + Lucille. The first one is a dangerous pistol for sharpshooters, and the second one is a bat with barbed-wire, which both features damage over time effects.
  • Last batch of challenges with great rewards.
  • Two themed brawls: true to the theme Supply Run and a themed Interception brawl.

Battle Cases

Every season needs 2 batches of Battle Cases, and this one’s no exception. The first cases feature Avalanche – a shotgun you must have heard about or at least seen in the hands of your MVP opponents. A highly attractive weapon choice for high-level players: great damage, high accuracy, and cold damage. If you know how to handle a shotgun, you’ll do wonders with this piece! 

The second set of cases holds a completely new helmet called Colossus. This baby's got an active ability that’ll keep you safe from attacking consumables whenever you go. Basically, you press a button, and G-Launchers, grenades, and other nasty items don’t harm you at all. Furthermore, their damage turns into armor for you! So if you're struggling with countering attacking consumables, check it out – it might be just what you’re looking for.

New Equipment

Here’s another bombastic addition to the Arsenal - new pants called Reanimator with the Enhanced Healing perk. What it does is boosts your healing consumables by 25%. Awesome bonus when every hitpoint counts. Wondering how to assemble it? Here are some sources of fragments:

  • Battle Career. Level up, and you’ll get what you want
  • Daily challenges during breaks. Complete all 3 every day!
  • Special offer. There’s a chance to get a special offer that grants you 500 Reanimator fragments when you purchase any amount of gold in the store - don’t miss this sweet deal!


This season has 6 weekend brawls to look forward to. Each active stage of the event features 2 of them. However, these brawls are not your regular cookie-cutter Gods of Boom weekend activities – they’re all themed! That means every weekend you’ll get to enjoy a unique brawl in the universe of The Walking Dead. How cool is that? Anyway, if you want to learn all about brawl dates, mechanics, and even get some tips on winning, check out our standalone guide (coming soon).


Being able to shoot walkers in locations inspired by the series is cool, but what’s even cooler is sporting a Daryl Dixon look while you’re doing it. We’ve prepared tons of customization items for you that look exactly like the stuff from the show. Costumes, masks, weapon skins, insignias – there’s just so much! Check out the event cases and the special offers to get your hands on this unique swagger.


There will be a total of 4 fairs in the event:

  • Daryl’s Crossbow (Stage I – Stage III)

A silent and deadly sniper weapon for bringing the pain to both the living and the dead.

  • Survivor (Stage II – Stage III)

An assault rifle with an extremely high fire rate that induces damage over time effects – “dangerous” is putting it lightly.

  • Rick’s Revolver (Stage III)

A great pistol that rewards perfect aim shots with additional damage and allows you to fire from a significant distance.

  • Lucille (Stage III)

It’s a bat with barbed-wire that is easily one of the top melee weapons in the game – if it works on the dead then it will sure as hell work on hostile survivors.

Keep in mind that ALL UNSPENT EVENT TOKENS will turn into Battle Coins when the event ends. So use your event currency to get as much loot as you can – it’s your only chance to get your hands on these unique items!

That’s the gist of it. For more info on each of the stages, check out the special articles, and look through the Brawler’s Guide to have an idea of what to expect on the weekends. Good luck surviving the apocalypse!

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