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Get your sports on with the all-new Boomball brawl in Guns of Boom classic: work as a team to outsmart and outplay your opponents, score more goals during the 5-minute match, and win! Don’t be surprised if you get bruised along the way – after all, rugby’s a pretty rough game.


Four players on each team face-off against each other on the special version of the Atrium map, all dressed in slick sports uniforms. Every team’s objective is to get ahold of the ball and take it to the enemy’s score zone to score a point. As soon as a goal is scored, the ball is reset to the center. If you eliminate an enemy carrying the ball, your team can pick it up and counterattack.

There are no fouls, referees, or cards, so play any way you want. However, there are some rules and limitations, and you should know about them:

  • Two teams, 4 players on each one
  • Every team gets a special uniform – like in real life
  • Players try to take control of the ball and bring it to the enemy score zone to score a point for their team
  • If a player carrying the ball is eliminated, they drop the ball
  • The dropped ball can be picked up by players on both teams
  • If the ball is not picked up in 30 seconds, it gets reset to the center of the map
  • After a goal is scored, it takes 7 seconds for the ball to spawn again in the center of the map
  • Everyone gets the same brawl loadout (see below for details)
  • The team that scores the most points during the 5-minute time limit wins!
  • If both teams score the same number of points, a draw is called
  • If a team scores 10 points, the match ends instantly

Rugby Loadout used by all players during the brawl:

  • ProPlay rules apply to all gear and consumables
  • No helmet
  • Hardshell Vest
  • Panther pants
  • Brawler shotgun
  • Odin assault rifle
  • Damascus knife
  • Oppressor pistol

That’s basically it – eliminate enemies, take control of the ball, and make your way into the opponents’ score zone. Easier said than done though – launch the brawl and see for yourself!

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