The battlefield feels a little too crowded for your intricate tactics? Random people are running clueless and give away your sneaky flanking maneuvers? Do you feel like 4-people teams are too much? We’ve got a solution for all that – Double trouble brawl! 

In this weekend activity, gunslingers play in teams of two on a set of special maps. Each match consists of several short 60-second rounds. Every round, teams try to either take each other out or capture a point that activates 20 seconds before the round ends. The team that wins the most out of 5 rounds wins the match.


Short rounds mean one thing – less room for error. Make sure you stay alive at all costs and do what you can to cover your teammate. It will get intense, so make sure to take some deep breaths in-between rounds. 

Finally, it’s not all about eliminating each other – you can win by capturing the point that appears in the last 20 seconds of any round! In case you see that time is running out, and the opposing team is still alive and kicking, it’s time to change tactics and go capture that zone.


We have made a couple of unique US-styled maps just for this mode. They’re compact, they’re intense, and they’re designed just for this 2x2 format. It’s best to launch the game and test them out in battle, but here are some teasers to peak your interest.




Still images are so 19th century! Check out this video where Stanis takes a closer look at the new brawl and enjoys some hands-on experience. It’s the closest thing you can get to actually playing Double Trouble yourself.

That’s it, gunslingers! The only thing left to do is launch the game and play the brawl. We’re sure you can handle it.

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