Gunslingers! Very soon we’ll be introducing a feature many of you have been waiting for: solo players and groups will be put into different matchmaking queues in Classic Battles, so they don’t end up in the same matches. We already tried to add this mechanic a while ago, but it needed fine-tuning. Now it’s ready!

Our goal is to avoid situations when solo players encounter well-coordinated parties of players, which is unfair. You left a lot of feedback on this matter, and a recent in-game survey proved it once again. The new rule may increase the time it takes to find a game for groups of players and that will not appeal to some of you. However, the increased wait time guarantees a new Guns of Boom experience, because, in the end, you’ll fight against other groups, and not just random gunslingers.

What else will be changed in the game after update 26.1?

  • To avoid even further extension of wait times, we’ll disable Featured Mode.

  • We’ll turn off the feature that allows you to stay as a team with players from the previous match. The interface wasn’t clear enough and many players got confused. We’ll improve the feature and introduce it later on.

  • We no longer allow solo players in group matchmaking, unlike in the previous version of the feature. If you are a solo player who wishes to fight against groups, let us know -  we’ll think about what we can do. For the same reason, if you’re in a group of 3, you’ll only be matched in a 3x3 format.

  • New rules do not apply to events and brawls because these fights do not affect stats.

All these changes are temporary. Soon, we plan to completely rework matchmaking and the game’s balance in general, to further improve the balance of power between players in a given match. We will keep you in the know during development as well as collect your feedback on all stages. 

New matchmaking rules will be added to the game based on the requests of our community, and we want to get as much feedback on this feature as we can, so we can adjust the changes to make your gameplay more comfortable. Share your impressions and insights on our social media!

Thank you for playing and being a part of our community!

Yours truly,
Guns of Boom Team

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