Customization is a big part of the Gods of Boom universe, and ever since the initial release of female characters, our lady gunslingers had pretty scarce wardrobes. We’re fixing that right now! Check out what new items you can find, and how to get them.

Cosmetic Cases

The first and most important addition – masks from orange customization cases. All the classical Gods of Boom headwear is now available for both male and female characters. You can get them randomly by opening orange cases, or by spending your scraps from duplicate items to get the exact item you’re looking for. To buy a specific mask, go to your Arsenal, select the cosmetics tab, and then the Masks tab - after that just tap the item you like to purchase it with scraps!

Another valuable addition to customization cases — the Military costume! It’s a unique model for female characters we’ve just added. This beauty, just like the masks, can be found in orange cases or purchased with scraps in the Arsenal.


Another place you can find great deals on cosmetics is the Outlet! This time, we’re adding two full costumes for our female characters: Hot Shot and Rock Wave. The first is practical and thought-through, well-suited for combat in the outdoors, while the second one is just badass the way only biker jackets can be. Keep an eye on the Outlet, so you won't miss these new outfits!

That’s it for now, but we’re just getting started – stay tuned for more awesome cosmetics coming your way!

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