The Year of the Tiger is approaching fast, and it’s high time to take a trip to Asia for the colorful celebrations! Enjoy some amazing activities and a ton of new items in the new season, take part in the brawls and events, and make sure to check out all three Battle Fairs to celebrate the Lunar Festival in style!

Lunar Festival

There are many ways to celebrate the coming of a new year, yet the festivities in the East are by far the most colorful and bombastic: fireworks going off all around, crowds of people in the streets, and the parties that go on for days on end. Join the fun, take part in holiday activities, and enjoy the brand-new exquisite cosmetics!

Act 2 Season 8 will last for 61 days: from January 12 to March 14

Asian Style

The most radical and forward-looking design in clothing comes from the East. The future of fashion is already on display in the windows of the most progressive Asian boutiques. This season is your chance to find some unique threads that’ll put you ahead of time and let you ride the trend wave! If you’re looking for a modern twist on authentic battle attire, check out the Golden Tiger costume for the gentlemen, and the Pink Poison costume for the ladies — both of them look exceptional yet offer all the movement freedom you need in a fight. The headgear is also here: Thinker will be an unusual and rad addition to any male look, while the female Neko Cap will make the cute-o-meters of all your enemies overload and fry. Last but not least, we’ve got some lush weapon skins (including the exotic Golden Law skin for Arbitrator), as well as the Zen emote for everyone who wants to find their inner peace. 

Endless Battle Career

We found out that many of our players are extremely effective in Battle Career, and they often reach the top well before the season ends. To make things more interesting for everyone, we’re making Battle Career rewards truly endless! Once you reach rank 60, you stop receiving new ranks, yet you continue receiving rewards for gaining experience – both common and elite! So if you’re an overachiever who knows how to get things done quickly, now you’ll get all the extra rewards you truly deserve! 


As usual, the season will feature three different Battle Fairs, each one with 8 items to choose from. So if it’s not just your wardrobe which you’re looking to boost, but also your arsenal, make sure to check out all three fairs! For more details about these activities, read the Battle Fair article.

9 Brawls

The best thing about weekends isn’t the fact that you have no school or work, it’s the ability to have some fun at one of the 9 brawls of the season! Check out all the weekend activities, play hard, and get rewards. Don’t worry if you don’t succeed from the get-go: brawls do not affect your stats, so you can try and practice all you want. More info in our special Brawler’s Guide.

Important: Brawls now give you level experience, so you will gain levels even if you don’t play any Classic Battles. 

Are you ready for the colorful celebration? Then gear up and jump into the action – Act 2 Season 8 is here!

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