Event dates: February 2 – February 16

The Lunar New Year is approaching, and a festival has started in Gods of Boom. It’s a content-rich event with tons of neat surprises and generous gifts. Let’s take a look at all the goodies.

The Story 

Our story starts with Wang Shu Corporation which officially provides logistic services, but unofficially, it develops new weapons and does wild genetic experiments.

One of these experiments was held in a distant Asian village, where all the people had exceptional strength and agility. The corporation took some villagers to their labs for further studies and simply annihilated all the others.

Among the people they took, one was a small 2-year old boy whom they modified genetically in an attempt to make the perfect soldier. It almost worked too! By using primate genes, the scientists made the boy even faster, stronger, and more agile. However, they did not account for the behavior – the kid grew up to be so mischievous and disobedient that he got the nickname, Monkey King.

He constantly played pranks on his superiors and showed such disregard to protocol and discipline that his superiors had to lock him up in a special cell. This worked fine until Bionic Rebel started fiddled with the corporate servers — the attacks disabled the security protocols, and Monkey King escaped from his prison at the first opportunity.

Trying to blend in, he traveled to Dragon City, where a costumed Lunar Festival was taking place. He’d be safe among the colorful masked people, and maybe could even make a new friend or two… 

The Gifts

Take part in the Lunar Festival event, and get daily gifts for 10 days straight! That’s right – you get guaranteed presents just for launching the game every day (for the first 10 days of the event). The goodies you get include event tokens, bonuses, gear fragments, and even a cool mask. Don’t miss a single day, and get all the goodies!

The Maps

We know you like variety, and we know you like to mix up your gameplay, so, during the event, we’ll be changing the map pool every 48 hours. Once every 2 days, you’ll get a chance to test out new modes on our beautiful Asia maps. Check out the full list:

  • Asia: Palace of Shadows (Object Control + 3x3x3)
  • Asia: Fusion (Object Control + 3x3x3)
  • Asia: Waterfront (Zone Control, TDM)
  • Asia: Dragon City (Object Control + 3x3x3)

The Fairs

New and shiny events always bring on new and shiny gear. This Lunar Festival is no exception — just take a look at all the goodies you can get at the 3 fairs during the event.


The first fair offers new Gecko pants that drop a flashbang every time you get eliminated. Have the last work in any argument! Have the last work in any argument! More info in our Gunsopedia.


One of the weapons designed by the Wang Shu Corporation. It’s a good long-distance AR that EXLODES enemies with every 6th hit. Sounds interesting? 


A time-tested classic that stings hard! If you haven’t got this damage powerhouse in your arsenal, now’s the perfect time to fix this. Don’t know why it’s a favorite weapon of casual and pro players alike? Check out the Gunsopedia to find out!

The Cosmetics

Colorful celebrations are the perfect opportunity to get some wild cosmetics. Just take a look at the authentic full-body Monkey King costume – nothing could be better for the Lunar Festival.

We’ve also got an exquisite mask for the ladies — Dealer — which combines classic eastern style with contemporary accessories. Of course, there are holiday insignias and weapon skins too – the works! Play hard, and assemble the ultimate Lunar Festival look!

Of course, there are holiday insignias and weapon skins too – the works! Play hard, and assemble the ultimate Lunar Festival look!

That is all gunslingers: tame the fire dragons within, find your harmony, and start celebrating the most vibrant festival of this winter!

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