Last Halloween, one of the most notable additions to the arsenal was the Zeus machine gun. A powerful weapon with a unique perk called Chain Lightning. If you're a bit of a science enthusiast yourself, you probably guessed what this ability does: it sends lightning from one enemy to another, should they stand close to each other, damaging everyone in the process. 

Let's see what else:

  • Excellent rate of fire, ten shots per second — this machine gun is the fastest in its class.
  • The mag holds 60 bullets.
  • The maximum firing distance is 29 meters.
  • Zeus unlocks at level 22 for 1000 fragments and can be upgraded two times at levels 28/34, for 500/1000 fragments, respectively.

Zeus is a great support weapon for wreaking havoc among enemy ranks and doing multi-target damage to groups of opponents. And when you're not sending thunderbolts in all directions, you can marvel at how gorgeous it is. The best part is that Zeus is featured in this year's Halloween fair. Be sure to check it out!

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