Last year's Lunar festival gave us more than just a great time. It gave us the Wasp — a mean assault rifle, lethal at close range thanks to its high-speed fire rate, and three powerful perks. Wasp is quite literally a pain and let us tell you why.

Three game-changing perks:

  • Reload Boost — Wasp reloads faster after elimination.
  • Tempered — Wasp hits harder, for a short period, if the player who bears it is frozen or on fire.
  • Close-range — The damage output gets higher the closer Wasp is to the target.

Other important stats:

  • Great fire rate of 950 shots per minute.
  • 3 mags of 27 rounds.
  • Quite noticeable recoil.
  • The AR unlocks at level 16 for 1000 fragments and can be upgraded three times at levels 22/28/34, for 300/500/1000 fragments, respectively.

Great stats and impressive perks make Wasp an extremely lethal close-range weapon for those who don't mind taking risks. 

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