Halloween is creeping up on us and bringing the spooky vibes to Gods of Boom. Inexplicable evil has overrun Bogville, so it’s time to gear up to survive — things are about to get real. Considering how intense the fights might get, we made you a great Halloween treat—a brand new helmet, Undying, with an insane perk that you literally won’t be able to live without.

Here’s what’s so special about it:

  • Second Chance Perk: when activated, the player gets a time-limited ability — if he suffers fatal damage while the ability is still active, instead of being eliminated, the player gets part of his health and armor restored
  • The helmet unlocks at level 1 and can be upgraded six times at levels 1/10/16/22/28/34 for 1000/200/300/500/800/1500 fragments, respectively.
  • Available for Assault, Recon and Sniper specializations.

In other words, this helmet is a real lifesaver. If you find this piece of gear interesting, be sure to play at the fair during the Halloween event for a chance to obtain it.

Learn more about other prizes at Halloween 2020 fair: Exorcist shotgun and Zeus machine gun.

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