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601d84abb728c_act2-season2-gunsopedia_header_Suppr_EN (1)

While Monkey King is roaming the streets of Dragon City and enjoying the Lunar Festival, we have a new fair going live. Say hello to Suppressor — the all-new assault rifle that lets you blow up enemies from a distance, turning them into frosty bombs!

  • Permafrost: Every 6th hit on the enemy creates a frost blast which deals damage and slows nearby enemies down
  • Long-range: Suppressor gets damage bonuses for being far away from the target, so keeping your distance is once again a good idea. The maximum firing distance is 23 meters, which is pretty high, compared to other ARs
  • Suppressor unlocks at level 16 and can be upgraded 3 times at levels 22/28/34
  • You’ll need 1000 fragments to assemble this assault rifle, and then you’ll need an additional 400/600/1000 fragments to upgrade it
  • Take it slow: Suppressor has a relatively low rate of fire, only 380 rounds per minute. Try to fire in short and precise bursts to guarantee the activation of Permafrost
  • The mag holds 30 rounds, and you’ve got another 30 in your pocket. You know what that means, right? With lots of aiming and amazing luck, you can activate Permafrost up to 10 times in one life!
  • Team play: Landing 6 shots into 1 target all on your own can be challenging. However, if you have several Suppressors doing work, your team's damage will be more consistent, and the Permafrost effect will get activated more often. The more Suppressors you have on the team simultaneously, the more trouble your enemies are in.

That seems to cover most of the stats and features of Suppressor, but it’s better to see this gun in action. A battle with it is worth a million gunsopedias. So start spinning the fair and get the new assault rifle before the Lunar Festival is over.

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