First introduced during the New Year Event of 2019, Starburst has been a favorite AR among many players thanks to its crowd-control perks and futuristic design. Let’s take a close look at this technological wonder!

  • Long-range combat perk: The farther away you are, the more damage you deal. That means Sunburst can be a good choice for snipers who like to keep a distance between themselves and the enemies. 
  • Exploding rounds perk: When a bullet hits your target, it explodes dealing damage to nearby enemies. This is highly effective when you see a bunch of opponents grouping up for a daring move, takes the wind out of their sails instantly!
  • Sunburst unlocks at level 22 and can be upgraded twice at levels 28 and 34.
  • The rate of fire is 350 rounds per minute, which is slow for an AR, but Sunburst makes up for its speed with good range – it reaches targets located a whole 24 meters away!
  • Sunburst’s clip holds 32 bullets, and there’s a spare clip in your pocket for when the enemies just keep coming one after another.

So, what do we have at the end of the day? A steady Assault Rifle that works best at long ranges and shines when there are multiple targets bundled up in one area. Sunburst is powerful and can be quite nasty, but it’s not OP, and it does require you to be in the right place at the right time. So give it a try, and if you enjoy how it handles and how it lets you top-score, get it at the second stage of the Battle Fair, which is LIVE now!

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