Winter fairytale has started in Gods of Boom, and apart from daily gifts, challenges with rewards, and unique festive cosmetics, it features three fairs, including one with the new gun, Stormbringer.

Stormbringer is a fast-firing sniper rifle with a powerful perk Lucky Third. Outstanding characteristics make this gun suitable for pretty versatile gameplay — camping in a safe place or clearing out the map on the move. 

  • The perk Lucky Third: every 3rd hit with the Stormbringer rifle deals increased damage and slows down the target. You’ll know the progress by the indicator on the sight.
  • Fires in single shots, but does not require a reload after every shot.
  • In terms of damage per second, Stormbringer ranks alongside Icebreaker in its class.
  • Fairly high rate of fire — 150 shots per minute.
  • Deals the same amount of damage across the distance of up to 38 meters — a decent range for a sniper rifle.
  • 12 bullets in the mag, 36 bullets in total.
  • Stormbringer unlocks at level 16 for 1000 fragments and can be upgraded 3 times at levels 22/28/34 for 400/600/1000 fragments, respectively.

To sum things up, Stormbringer took the best of assault and sniper rifles in terms of firing distance and fire rate. If you’re capable of taming its recoil, Stormbringer can deal massive damage with consecutive headshots, and its magazine holds enough bullets for everyone. 

Available at the event fair. 

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