We're submerging into the ocean's deepest depths for the Deep Dive event, where otherworldly creatures thrive. And they don't take kindly to trespassers. Tread lightly, or you may come face to face with a Stingray – a sniper rifle that can electrocute several enemies at once. Let's break it down!


  • Voltage: Stingray puts a debuff on an enemy, making them emit electrical charges to nearby enemies over a period of time.
  • Charged Shot: The more you charge the shot, the more extensive the damage to the target will be; the static field will also last longer, damaging enemies nearby. A shot is released when the target gets in the crosshairs or when the charge reaches its peak.

Other peculiarities:

  • Shoots only through sight.
  • Mag holds ten bullets, 30 bullets in total.
  • The maximum firing distance is 40 meters.
  • The maximum damage per charged shot is 1800 points.
  • Has four grades: 16/22/28/34; unlocks for 1000 fragments, upgrades for 400/600/1000, respectively.
  • You can obtain this gun by participating in the event fair. 

Similar to Orochi, this gun has a learning curve. You have to master the charge and keep a close eye on your enemies to perfect your timing. If you manage to tame this precious beast, you'll become the scourge of the battlefields everyone tries to avoid. So start spinning the Fair and get the new sniper rifle before the Deep Dive event is over.

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