We've added the Rhinoceros pants to the game for the Halloween event in 2019, and now they're featured in this season's Battle Fair. If you're looking for a new piece of equipment that will make you the enemy's worst nightmare, look no further. 

These pants give you an additional offensive consumable per life and a speed boost so that you can raise even more hell on the battlefield. Having an extra grenade (or a G-Launcher) is always a good idea!

  • The Rhinoceros pants add 1 offensive consumable per life (e.g., you'll have 3 grenades instead of 2)
  • The pants increase movement speed by up to 20%, depending on the grade
  • Available for Support specialization
  • Unlocks on level 1 for 500 fragments and can be upgraded 5 times on levels 10/16/22/28/34 for 50/100/200/300/400 fragments respectively

As with any gear, Rhinoceros' usefulness greatly depends on the gun you're using and your playstyle. If you're into aggressive gameplay and prefer to leap into the fray, the pants might be right up your alley!

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