Orion, the newcomer of the Lunar festival in 2019, is the first-ever shotgun with a collimator scope. That means you can aim pretty precisely at midrange with this baby, as well as use it at point-blank like you would a regular shotgun. We also added the freezing perk so you could utilize the weapon to its full potential. However, Orion probably is not for the fainthearted.

Here's what gunslinger Yura Lenok had to say about Orion in the review he wrote for the contest we hosted in our Vkontakte community:

"This shotgun is named after the hunter from Greek mythology for a reason: this shotgun is no doubt otherworldly. If you manage to tame his harsh nature, there won't be anybody to match you on the battlefield. In the right hands, this deadly weapon can eliminate in 2 shots, and in conjunction with a good knife, it wins, even over top shotguns and machine guns.

This monster can excite even the most sophisticated players: it needs special tactics, its own places on the map, its own routes for running into enemy territory, but in return, he'll reward you with triples, quadruples, and awesome knife kills! This weapon is not for soft-bodied casuals who love it when things are simple; it's for ambitious fighters who strive to overcome difficulties and work for the result.

We will add some facts:

  • Perk Long Reach: when you shoot from the hip, damage increases as you get closer to the target (maximum damage at 4 meters and less, minimum damage at 7 meters); however, when shooting through the collimator sight, it’s the opposite – the damage increases the further you get from the target (minimum damage at 2 meters, maximum at 10 meters and more).
  • In one of the balance patches, the freezing perk that slows opponents down was added – super handy when the game gets too fast-paced.
  • When you aim down sights, Orion deals critical damage to the head. It’s the only shotgun in the game that adds bonus damage for Perfect Aim.
  • When fully upgraded, it can compete with Porcupine and Dolores in terms of maximum damage; for Orion it’s 2010 points, or even whopping 3015 when you manage to land Perfect Aim.
  • Shotgun rate of fire is a whopping 90 rounds per minute
  • The shotgun is available at level 22 for 1000 fragments and can be upgraded two times at levels 30/36 for 500/1000 fragments, respectively

All in all, it's a versatile weapon that is ready to compete with top shotguns, but does require a decent amount of skill from your side. Knowing when to switch between aimed mode and hip-fire is essential and takes time to get used to, but the critical damage to the head is worth it, right? Look for this great weapon at the Battle Fair this season.

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