Having reliable gear in your arsenal can never hurt, right? A good helmet or a nice pair of pants can make your tactics much more versatile and often lets you have the upper hand in combat. It's also important to know all the pros and cons the gear has so that you can decide when is the right time to use it. 

To further deepen your knowledge on the topic of gear, we'll discuss one of the more peculiar ones – the Mirage helmet, or as we like to call it, the hat of invisibility. With its help, you can blend in with the surroundings and sneak around the battlefield, cornering your opponents from the shadows like a stealthy predator. But there’s more to this excellent helmet!

  • Mirage has an active ability that makes you invisible not only to the enemy's eye, but also to their auto-aim.
  • The effect of invisibility disappears as soon as you land a shot, but the refresh time of this perk is quite good since it goes into cooldown right after activation.
  • During the perk effect, the player will receive 40% additional incoming damage – everything has to come with a price, right?
  • Mirage will increase your speed by 7% for a short time; however, after the effect ends, your character becomes slower by 20% for a while. A great perk when you have to run for the hills!
  • Mirage is available to players right from the start if they manage to collect fragments, and has 6 grades.

How does Mirage work against the Icebreaker rifle or the E.Y.E. helmet? 

  • If a player activates Mirage's special ability before being affected by the E.Y.E. or Icebreaker, he'll still be highlighted.
  • If a player activates Mirage's special ability after being exposed to the E.Y.E. or Icebreaker, he will become hidden.

Now you should have a better idea of whether Mirage fits your playstyle. If you think it would take an essential place in your loadout, we have good news for you. The helmet is featured in this season's Battle Cases, so keep opening them up, and you'll become the ultimate ninja of Gods of Boom maps in no time!

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