The new Corp Wars event is live, and there are 2 fairs with unique weapons open for all gunslingers. The first one offers Might (the new shotgun), and the second one has Glory — the ultimate pistol-companion for Might. These 2 guns work in synergy, hence the one gunsopedia entry for both of them. Now, let’s take a closer look at each, and then talk a little about possible tactics.


  • Teamwork perk: your damage increases by 20% for 3 seconds after reloading. If you have the Glory pistol equipped, the duration of the buff is increased to 5 seconds.
  • Inspiration perk: dealing damage to opponents with the shotgun gives you a damage buff for the pistol. Depending on the dealt damage, you either get 2 or 3 amplified shots for Glory.
  • Might unlocks at level 16 and can be upgraded 3 times at levels 22/28/34.
  • The shotgun has 2 rounds in the mag and allows you to carry 18 additional shells.


  • Warning shot perk: hitting an enemy with Glory reduces the reload time of Might by 50%.
  • Instant reload perk: eliminating an enemy with Glory instantly reloads Might and gives it a 20% damage buff for 5 seconds (thanks to the Teamwork perk of the shotgun).
  • Glory unlocks at level 16 and can be upgraded 3 times at levels 22/28/34.
  • The pistol holds 4 rounds in the mag and can fire them all off in 1 second. 

As you can see, these two guns are simply made for each other, buffing damage and reducing reload speeds of one another. Using just one can be fun, but nowhere near as effective as using both. Sure enough, they work best at close range and show off their full potential in scrappy fights when all the mags are empty, and everything needs reloading.

You can get the Might shotgun at the first Corp Wars fair which starts on Day 1 of the event, and the Glory pistol will become available on the second fair the next day. Of course, you can test them out first if you doubt their potential. But our advice is to start spinning the Might fair from the get-go. Good luck! 

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