Looking for something special in the shotgun department? Take a look at the notorious Joker. Those of you who’ve played Gods of Boom for some time now don't need an introduction. But if you're only starting to learn the ropes, Joker is an excellent, one of the most coveted shotguns in the game, and there are many legit reasons for that.

  • Joker has a special, although a bit unpredictable trait: it has three charged shots per mag called “supershells” that go off randomly and deal increased damage.
  • The chance of triggering supershells is 25%.
  • It has one of the biggest ranges and one of the most capacious mags out of all shotguns in the game.
  • The maximum firing distance is 11 meters, with maximum damage dealt at 3 meters, and minimum damage at 9 meters.
  • The gun is available to players level 22+ and has three (0, 1, 2) grades

If you're bold enough to carry around a powerful gun with a bad attitude, Joker might be exactly what you're looking for. One thing is certain, this gun generously rewards those who are not afraid to take risks.

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