The first Battle Fair of the season is live, and the classic Hero machine gun is one of the rewards you can win there. This time-tested bullet-spitting gadget is a welcome addition to any arsenal, and here’s why.

You know how in action movies the good guys seem to have infinite ammo, and they also don’t take too much damage, despite all the bad guys firing non-stop? That’s because they use weapons like Hero! This machine gun reduces incoming damage, gives you additional bullets for good aim, and becomes more dangerous with every second you fire!

  • Overclocking: The rate of fire increases as you fire the machine gun continuously
  • Paradox: Hitting an enemy in the body will give you a chance to get your bullet back; hitting them on the head guarantees you get your bullet back
  • Supremacy: You take 15% less damage while firing this gun. Makes sense – the adrenaline rush you get from letting loose with Hero makes you resistant to pain
  • Hero unlocks at level 22, can be upgraded 2 times, and has a maximum power of 2540 with a firing speed that ranges between 350 and 600 rpm depending on how long you shoot
  • Slow reload: It takes 3.5 seconds to change the mag on Hero, which holds 40 rounds
  • High recoil: This machine gun is not the easiest tool to handle, and the recoil on it requires some getting used to

Machine guns aren’t the most common weapons on GoB battlefields, but Hero is definitely worth taking a look at. It’s powerful, it protects the shooter, and when used correctly, it can provide an almost never-ending bullet cover for your teammates. Sure, it’s not the most lone-wolf gun, but if you have a teammate or two to watch your back, Hero can do wonders!

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