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The Lunar Festival has started, and the first fair is already live - say hello to Gecko! These good-looking cargo pants aren’t just comfy and durable - they’re also your chance to slam the door on your way out.

Their main perk allows you to drop a grenade that blinds and damages nearby enemies whenever you’re eliminated.

  • Last surprise: When you get eliminated, you drop a grenade that instantly explodes, blinding and dealing area of effect damage to enemies, even to those behind cover
  • To assemble Gecko pants, you’ll need 500 fragments from the fair
  • You can upgrade them 5 times but will require 50/100/200/300/400 fragments, depending on the upgrade level
  • You can use this equipment with Assault, Sniper, and Recon specializations even at level 1

Sure, not every fight in Gods of Boom ends with your flawless victory - sometimes you take a hit. With Gecko pants, however, you’ll be smiling on your way to the spawn room, because you’ll know the enemy is in just as much trouble as you.

So make sure to put these bad boys on if you want to have the last word in any argument on the battlefield, even when you can’t shoot anymore. 

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