Some of you have been lighting up the night sky with Firefly for at least two years now. During this time, this assault rifle has garnered quite a few devoted fans around the world due to its outstanding efficiency. Despite the balance changes the gun has undergone over time, it is still considered as one of the most popular, well-rounded weapons in the game. Part of the reason for this massive success is an epic mechanic: the more damage you inflict upon your enemy, the more powerful Firefly becomes, dealing even more damage. But that’s not all.

  • As mentioned, Firefly has the Warming-Up perk: the damage increases the more damage you deal to your opponent. First, the yellow light goes on, indicating that the first stage of a 15% damage increase has been activated. After that, the color will turn bright red, meaning you’ve reached the second and final stage of 30% damage increase.
  • Firefly sports a spacious magazine of 45 rounds and has an excellent rate of fire – 420 rounds per minute.
  • It has an impressive maximum range of 23 meters, and deals a massive amount of damage throughout this range – 360 units per shot when fully upgraded. 
  • The spread gradually increases when shooting without a scope, but the gun has almost no recoil, so you can achieve amazing precision when using the scope!
  • Firefly is available to players level 22+ and has three grades.

All in all, this is a fast, powerful, and highly accurate weapon, perfect for scoring multi-eliminations. Once you get rolling, your opponents will have a difficult time stopping you. The best part? Firefly is available in Battle Cases this Season, so you might want to start grinding for those Battle Coins.

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