If you ever find yourself in a strange town where the main tourist attraction is a witch's mansion, and after nightfall, locals suddenly forget about hospitality and try to tear you apart, you may want to get yourself a gun. Here's where the new Exorcist shotgun comes in handy. The shotgun will cast out the evil as well as eliminate anyone who ventures too close. 

  • This shotgun has a peculiar mechanics: before you start shooting, you can see your crosshair stabilizing; when the crosshair is fully stabilized, the shotgun makes three shots in a row
  • Each landed shot increases the damage of the next shot by 50%, which means that if all shots reach the target, the damage boost will be a whopping 125%! We call this perk the Enhanced Shot.
  • After the round is fired, the crosshair goes into stabilizing mode again.
  • The mag holds 3 rounds, i.e., 9 bullets, reload is automatic or manual.
  • The firing distance is 10 meters, with maximum damage dealt at 4 meters and a minimum at 7 meters.
  • Exorcist has a noticeable recoil and no scope.
  • The shotgun unlocks at level 16 and can be upgraded three times at levels 22/28/34, for 300/500/1000 fragments, respectively.

At first, using this gun might be a bit tricky. You have to get close to the opponent and wait till your crosshair stabilizes to start shooting, all while trying not to get eliminated. But when you figure this part out, you'll be a real wrecking machine. Be sure to swing by the fair and have a spin for this beast.

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